Cannova’s in Freeport Voted #1 Romantic Restaurant In Illinois

Freeport, Illinois — And you thought we were crazy touting all this positive good news about the city of Freeport, Illinois.

Take everything we’ve said out of the picture and in just the last two days, two “other” news outlets have featured our area as being one of the best.

It turns out Freeport has a little romantic gem in our midst too and according to a recent article by, our own Cannova’s restaurant was chosen as the number one romantic restaurant in the entire state of Illinois.

Yeah, that’s right. Right here in Freeport.

Cannova’s, known in Freeport as one of the most sought after hotspots for Friday or Saturday night dinners was recognized for its live piano music, generous portions and award-winning pizza, among other things.

So the next time you think of visiting Freeport or, any one of the towns in Stephenson county, we’d prefer you visit Freeport News Network or Today In The Port to find the latest news from our great area.

But even if you don’t, as you can see by others opinions as well, the question of whether to come to Freeport isn’t even on the menu.

No, the question is not whether to come to Freeport, the question is when to come.

Cannova’s, among so many other great destinations, is just one more reason to visit Freeport, Illinois. Now, it’s even a romantic one. (maybe our city’s incorporation on Februrary 14, 1885 wasn’t by accident afterall)

If you would like to see the other 20 most romantic restaurants in Illinois, you can visit this page here.


Cover Photo: ©Greg Chambers

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