Cheryl Kint of Freeport Wins 1st Annual Get Your Summer Body Ready Body Fat Percentage Competition

Freeport, Illinois — Cheryl Kint, of Freeport said, “Nestled away in the lower level of the FA Read Center in downtown Freeport, is a gym that’s not well known but should be. This place can help heal your mind, body and spirit.”

According to Kint, this gym, Freeport Health Club is a big part of why she was able to lose 2.4% of her body fat over the past 2-1/2 months during their 1st Annual Get Your Summer Body Ready Body Fat Percentage Competition, hosted by Freeport Health Club and Freeport Health Club+PLUS.

Kint was a member of the gym and its weight loss program a couple years ago and just recently rejoined Freeport Health Club.

“I missed the gym,” Kint said. She credits owner and trainer, Bill Tillou for her continued success with losing inches and gaining muscle. “Bill is an excellent support person and has helped me trim and tone the parts of my body that I want to lose from.” Kint also said her eating healthier, portion control and participating in Jazzercise helped as well. “All things in moderation!” she says. She also walks her 80 pound dog, Rizzo, every day and she works a part-time job, plus she travels a lot with her husband Randy. Kint’s doctor is amazed at her numbers and encourages her to keep being active. She agrees and says, “remaining active is important for everyone, especially as we get older.”

When asked what her motivation was in joining the competition, she says that the $100 was a motivator but she also likes a challenge. “At this stage of my life, weight loss is a challenge!” she explains.

“Going back to the gym hurt at first”, Kint said with a smile. “But as you continue to go back, it feels good and it lifts your spirits and increases your feel good endorphins. It’s great when my friends see the changes in me and mention it.”

Freeport Health Club and Freeport Health Club+PLUS are always looking for ways to help their members maintain or lose during the most difficult parts of the year. Going into summer with all the parties and vacations can be a tough time to not over indulge. They have also hosted two Holiday Body Fat Percentage Competitions beginning the week of Thanksgiving and ending on the Friday after New Year’s Day. Each time the competitions were very popular with their members.

For this summer’s competition, there were 10 participants, each of whom paid $10 to enter. This money was put into a kitty and whoever lost the most body fat within the allotted time won the pot.

If you are looking to trim and tone, or if you need to lose weight or if you have questions or want more information, give Freeport Health Club and Freeport Health+PLUS a call at 815-233-0066, extension 2.
They’ll set you up with an appointment for a tour of the facilities and a FREE week pass.

The winner this time was Cheryl Kint. Next time, it could be you!


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