Christmas Comes Early For One Local Freeport Boy Named Troy

Freeport – We all know the holiday’s for most are a special time of family, friends and meaningful moments with those we love. It’s a time of togetherness, a time to enjoy the company of those who are closest to us, and it’s a time of warmth with those we are blessed to call our family.

It is also a time we give one another thoughtful physical gifts we hope will find use, pleasure, or perhaps even earn a special place in the receiver’s heart through a gift that is thought of and cherished forever.

Today, all of those special moments to give and receive came true for one local Freeport family and a very special young boy.

Meet Troy.

Troy has never lived with his biological parents.

You see, Troy is a foster child. He had been placed in foster care as an infant and like so many before him, was faced to live an unknown future at the hands of circumstances completely beyond his control. Unknown that is, until the Jacobs family came along.

Troy has been with us since he was ten months old, said Christy Jacobs, Troy’s “Mom” for the past three years. “For years we had really been considering adoption until a friend of mine had asked if we ever thought about doing foster care“, Christy told us, “so, we decided to get licensed in 2013 and see what came of it”.

The Jacobs family is a local family right here in Freeport made up of Derek (Dad), Christy (Mom) and Christian Jacobs who is their biological son. Christian is 13 years old and like his Mom and Dad, has been with Troy ever since he first entered through the door of the Jacobs family home nearly three years ago.

We were licensed in the beginning part of April 2013 and on April 30th 2013 I received a call asking if we could take in a 10 month old baby boy”, said Christy. A decision that unfortunately for so many other children like Troy, is not that easy for most families to make.

When you’re a foster parent, part of the foster parent role comes with the knowledge that the first priority is to re-place the child back with the biological parents, when possible.  Christy told us that one of their family’s big hurdles in the decision to become foster parents, was the “high chance that the kids would end up going back after you already have that attachment” she explained. However, the personal sufferings of reaching out to another child in need took a back seat in the priority to lend their loving home and personal care to benefit a child who needed love. So, when they received the call about 10 month old Troy back in April of 2013, Christy told us, “we immediately said yes!“.  Since that day little Troy has been a part of the Jacobs family despite that their joy has been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster.

I remember one court date they had said that the agency had discretion to place Troy back home”, Christy says. “He, (Troy) was over two years old at the time and we were all he knew as a family“, Christy continued. “That broke our hearts“, she added. “He knew us as a Mom and Dad“.

As time progressed though, it became apparent that Troy would not be able to return home so Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs started the adoption process to adopt the always smiling, immensely loved young Troy. Their process to adopt started in May of this 2015 year. Finally, on December 15, 2015 their forever family became a reality when they got the phone call they had all been waiting for.

We finally received the phone call we have been waiting years to receive“, Christy wrote on her Facebook page. “On December 15th our Lil man will be adopted“, she told her friends. Derek told us that words cannot describe how happy they are. “It has been a very emotional few years with the uncertainty, but it was all worth it, he said. “He is such a blessing to our family“.

As far as Troy goes, Mom and Dad told us that he was very excited for today. While it was hard for the family to try and explain it to him (with Troy only being three), Christy told us that he knows his last name changed and he was very excited about it. “He went around telling everyone what his last name is now“.

As for Christian, Christy and Derek’s 13 year old son, the family told us that Troy and him are extremely close. “He is glad that Troy came to us and says he could never imagine him leaving“, they said. “He has been a huge supporter of the journey“, Derek added. “He has always referred to Troy as his brother and Troy has always done the same thing“.

Family and friends have also shared their comments;

Happy Adoption Day! I could not be happier for all of you. Troy welcome (officially) to a great family, you are one loved little boy. I love you all so much!

Today my family and I received the best early Christmas present. After 2 years of not only opening their home but their hearts to this little one he finally received his forever family. I am grateful to have you as my nephew. I hope you enjoyed your day and could feel how much you are truly loved. Happy adoption day ,little guy. Love you always and forever Troy Jacobs.

And while the beauty of this story could all stop right here and not sacrifice a very happy ending in the least, this is a story that shall continue for many years to come.

Not only because Troy Jacobs now has in his sights a bright future with a family that “as one” loves him equally, but because the Jacobs haven’t stopped with just Troy. Seems the spirit of giving with this local family has more to give.

While we cannot mention the names or show their faces, the Jacobs family have extended their loving home to two additional foster children. Two girls, one an eight month old and another a year and a half old who are sisters, both who came home with with the Jacobs straight from the hospital.

Sisters, who like Troy, are now blessed to share in the same happy home where one delightful little foster child got to find his forever family in.


Congratulations to all the members of the Jacobs family. May you forever find peace, love and warmth in this precious gift that has been given to you all. God bless.


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