City of Freeport Says These Stephenson County Restaurants Approved To Offer Curbside Pickup – Here’s The List

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — The City of Freeport announced today that the city recognizes the decision made by the Governor J.B. Pritzker to close all bars and restaurants will cause some businesses financial hardship. The city says they have contacted the businesses in downtown to determine if they are doing curbside pickup.

At this time the city said they will be designating two temporary parking spaces in front of each downtown restaurant to help lessen the burden of the establishment with the patrons trying to find adequate parking in front of their business.

The temporary curbside pickup spaces will remain until March 31, 2020. In the event the closure is extended by the State, we will reevaluate the need to remain.

The following restaurants in Freeport and Stephenson County are providing curb stop and delivery services. You can download the full list of restaurants here in PDF form.

Addition to the list below:

Two Eagles
18 E Main St.
Freeport IL

Freeport Papa Murphy’s
1713 S, West Ave

Sunday-Thursday 11-8
Friday and Saturday 11-9
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Hilldale Deli 30 W Stephenson St. 815-616-8049
Logan’s 1805 S West Ave. 815-232-4592
Benchwarmers 2143 W Galena Ave. 815-232-9393
Maria’s 922 W Galena Ave. 815-232-3010
Royal Pub 306 N Park Blvd 815-297-8054
Manny’s 1121 W Empire St. 815-232-7992
Cimino’s 421 Challenge St. 815-235-8700
Mort’s 114 S Chicago 815-233-1214
Joe’s Pizza 21 W Stephenson St. 815-235-3596
This Is It Eatery 16 N Chicago Ave. 815-616-5449
The Cookie Jar 12 E Stephenson St. 815-232-4759
Big O’s 1931 IL 75 E 815-616-8543
Higher Grounds 1709 S West Ave. 815-297-9441
Garden Deli 1793 S. West Ave. 815-235-3913
Cannova’s Italian Cuisine 1101 W Empire St. 815-233-0032
Kathy’s Donuts Delite 1892 S. West Ave 815-233-1627
Imperial Palace 1735 S Ihm Blvd 815-233-5944
312 Beef and Sasauge 116 W Douglas St. 815-616-8553
Landmark Family Restaurant 1 East Main St. 815-235-1006
Wayside Saloon 1802 Crossroads Ln. 815-233-6292
Beltline Cafe 325 W South St. 815-232-5512
Bourbons on Main 109 S. Galena Ave. 815-656-2183
9 East Coffee 9 E Stephenson St. 815-233-7300
Pretzel City Pub 1350 W Galena Ave. 815-232-6911
Ichiban 2019 W. Galena Ave. 815-232-7734
Fiesta En Cancun 1735 S West Ave. 815-235-5200
Big Apply Family Restaurant 1427 W Galena Ave. 815-232-2548
Rafters 9426 W Wagner Rd. 815-369-5330
Mulligan’s 106 E Railroad St. 815-369-1210
Rte 73 Brew and Chew (closed 2 weeks) 201 S Main St. 815-443-3222
Coach’s 621 W Lena St. 815-369-2222
Joselyn’s Pizza and Mexican Cuisine 435 W Lena St. 815-369-9777
Ridott Corners Tavern 1862 S Rock City 815-235-2451
Lena Mercantile Eatery 101 W Railroad St. 815-369-9955
Main Street Eats and Sweets 126 West Main 815-369-1135
Cedar Inn 4747 IL 26 815-563-514
Little Johns 147 S Main St 815-443-2818
Megz Country Cheese 420 IL 75 815-865-5516


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