Closing Time Armed Robbery at Dunkin Donuts

Freeport, Illinois — September 18, 2017 — A closing time armed robbery was reported at Dunkin Donuts this past Friday evening, September 15, 2017.  According to Detective Lieutenant Andrew Schroeder of the Freeport Police Department, the incident happened at 10:00 p.m. right at closing time of the store.

According to the report, the suspect came in at closing time and confronted a female employee, who immediately ran out of the store through the back door. The suspect chased the employee and caught up with her, eventually bringing her back to into the store.

The suspect was said to have been armed with a knife and ordered the employee to open the cash register. The suspect took an undisclosed amount of money from the register, at which time the suspect reportedly left the store.

The suspect is described as approximately 6ft tall, thin build, wearing all black with their face covered. According to the report, the race of the suspect was not identifiable. The report also stated the only part that was visible on the suspect was their nose.

Police are currently investigating the incident. If you have any information at all regarding Friday evening’s alleged armed robbery at Dunkin Donuts, please contact the Freeport Police Deparment.



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