County Board Chairman Signs Disaster Declaration For Stephenson County

Stephenson County, Illinois — Stephenson County Board Chairman William Hadley has signed a disaster declaration for Stephenson County upon recommendation of the Stephenson County Emergency Management Director, Robert Baker.

The declaration comes after the county experienced several days of snow, followed by above average temperatures and a heavy rain event between February 18, 2018 and February 19, 2018 that led to road closures and river flooding.

The declaration has been sent to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the State Emergency Operations Center.

A local declaration does not guarantee State or Federal disaster assistance; however it does streamline the process for obtaining additional emergency resources for the County should they be needed. Local jurisdictions and agencies, along with elected officials, will be working together in the coming days to identify any recovery assistance that may become available to residents who were affected.

Affected residents seeking shelter, please contact the American Red Cross Hotline at 877-597-0747. Salvation Army is providing meals and clean up kits to impacted residents, 815-235-7639.

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