Daughter of Pastor Posts Gun Pic on Local Scanner Site

Rockford – Early in the morning on November 1, 2015 as most area children were counting candy bars in their dreams, a regional scanner page (unnamed) posted that a young underage girl had shared to their timeline a picture of herself holding a handgun.

Below is the photo posted.
(We’ve blocked faces and names)


The local scanner site requested that the public report this to the child’s parents and church and provided a link to the church’s facebook page. Since posting, this story has been fraught with local controversy.

The following is some of the dialog that followed;

  • Any child that has access to guns like this and no training needs to be reported.
  • I learned to shoot and clean guns at age 8. I was taught respect for firearms. Lighten up a bit.
  • she’s got problems. By looking at her Facebook page it looks like a cry for help.
  • Who cares you dumb **** !I hope they already know. I hope they post more. I vote they post videos of her shooting. Of her shooting targets of people that are scum that have guns too. **** you idiots
  • My only question is… Why is her finger on the trigger? If you are going to teach them, do it the right way!!

At 12:29 a.m. the site posts this;

And this;


Some area viewers did reach out to the church;


It is unclear at the time of this posting whether the local scanner site themselves ever attempted to contact the church, the child’s parents or any authority, however the public had this backlash;

  • So the point of this is???? To start drama? Get a debate going? Bash parents? Bash the girl? Whatever it is it’s all negative. Ridiculous! There r people getting shot killed hungry homeless and u all want to debate over a picture – right or wrong start dealing w real issues!
  • This is a pk … ( Pastors kid ) …. Used to getting coddled by all and treated like they can do no wrong. New ************************ ….you are going to get berated by lots of people… (Young and old ) because people are going to side with the Pastor and his family. You are clearly right ….but from growing up practically living at my church I can tell you people will rally around her and make every excuse in the book. Prepare to be slaughtered…..
  • Yep….slaughtered by people that know gun safety! And this here is NOT gun safety! Go ahead and argue that!
  • What’s to be said? She’s clearly holding the gun? And not in a safe manner! Hand on the trigger? Seriously? This is sad! These kiddos do not need access to guns!
  • New ************, you are in the wrong for posting pics of teens from their profile but on the flip side, this girl obviously has no clue about gun safety clearly. No excuses, loaded or not, fake or not, NEVER EVER hold a gun with the finger on the trigger! Again…. NO EXCUSES!!!! Especially pointing the gun so close to the body!!!
  • What’s the big deal about the picture of her holding her Brother in Laws gun when she was supervised and it was not loaded? Cassie Erin is a very bright and kind girl. I personally know her and her entire family. This is childish New **************** part. Especially since she is a minor and you are posting Minors pictures without their parents permission which is also illegal I might add.
  • I’m gonna stop fckin with new *********************, before they post a security camera photo of me at stake and shake, talking about jesus don’t want me eating all them 7x7s tagging my momma and shit.
  • My prayers go out to **********. It appears her family has stepped in and she no longer has an account. Now maybe she will get the help she needs before she ends up like another Drea… I think that’s all *************** was trying to avoid… And we need to care about these kids regardless of their race or religion. PLEASE?!
  • First they let a pedophile work in the church now this with all the school shootings! What the f*** is wrong with you. ************ was his name google it he went to prison. I also want to say the church backed him up blaming the kids with a (s) for stories and lies.

Members and visitors of the church also chimed in the conversation stating;

  • I trunk or treated there lastnight, and you took pics of my kids, superman and lego bot. Please don’t post them, I want no affiliation. I literally feel like I dodged a bullet lastnight. Now I feel uneasy with a suicidal girl with access to guns being so close to my home and my sons school.
  • First off they are legal guns second my parents were right next to her
  • Ppl like u guys are the problem
  • If any body like we do know this girl her Facebook was hacked she now has a new and second I don’t see anything wrong with her learning to handle a gun in this world with all these kids dieing and friends killing each other our children need to know how to protected themselves the right way for any of you to judge her or her parents or the church period is not right either way whoever keeps making post about it is not right by any means this is a exploding a child on the internet
  • All I can say is my kids love her to death I see her all the time I know her she’s a good kid and does her best to help kids my oldest son and her hang out they have never hurt anyone or got in trouble
  • This is news? The gun isn’t pointed at her face. Her finger is close to the trigger, but not on it… There is NOTHING unsafe about this picture… How did this become news? The only thing I would do is suggest they teach her a little better trigger safety, but her hand is a little small. I can’t even figure out why this is news?

At 6:56 a.m. a commenter posted this:


At the time of this writing authorities have been contacted, the church has been contacted as well as the child’s parents.kidwithgun5

What do you think of a pastor’s daughter posting this picture not only on her own Facebook page, but on the page of a local scanner website?


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