Deininger Floral Broken Into And Here’s Who We Think Did It

Freeport, Illinois – On November 1, 2016 at 8:24 a representative from Deniniger Floral in downtown Freeport reported that the historic flower shop in our beloved downtown was broken into on Monday evening.

Damage to Deniniger Floral or details as to what items may have been taken were not available at the time of this report.

Deniniger’s did issue this statement:

WE BELIEVE in Freeport. Minor set back for sure but I am asking everyone if you know who did this I believe they need help. Please let us or the Police know.

This past weekend the city saw other crimes in our streets. Fourteen tires were slashed on vehicles located behind the 524 building on Stephenson Street, the location of city hall.

City vehicles and Meals on Wheels vehicles were reported damaged. (see correction *)

Numerous others in Freeport over the weekend also stated they had damage to property and stolen items as well.

Two others said in a Facebook post that they had tires slashed that same evening. Another said they had a new pair of Jordan’s (shoes) stolen off their porch Halloween night.

In regional news, Rockford has seen a crime increase unlike anything ever reported.

Muggings at gas stations, broad daylight break-ins, people walking right up to cars with people in them and stealing their car, shootings at Cherryvale Mall.

In a recent story by WREX out of Rockford, Illinois it was reported that violent crime is now higher than any other like-size city in the state.

In Beloit, reports of a vehicle driving around town shooting out the windows of cars was also reported. The alleged incident is said to have claimed the windows of nearly 50 cars in just one night alone.

According to City Data, Freeport’s crime rates by year since 2002 have been as follows:

Crime rates in Freeport by year














(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
Auto thefts
(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
(16.1) crime index(higher means more crime, U.S. average = 291.1) 469.5 478.8 293.8 353.1 396.1 358.7 336.4 324.5 244.6 248.8 237.9 216.5

Paul Logli, the CEO of the Rock River Valley United Way recently said “When we talk about crime in this community, we have to talk about poverty” adding that “we have the highest percentage of children living in poverty in the state. And until we start getting that rate down, I don’t believe we will see real headway on crime“.

And you know what? He’s exactly 100% correct.

We are the wealthiest people in the world, aren’t we.

In our world, baseball players make 10 million a year. Just the Chicago Cubs salary alone just this year could probably fix nearly every one of Freeport’s problems. Just one baseball team, one season.

We can’t come together as people to help one another, but if I throw a ball in the streets everyone will chase it around with a stick.

A presidential candidate needs 1 billion dollars just to run for office. That’s just to run. Poof.

No building, no jobs, no education, no food to the needy, no new programs, no extra protection, no crime solved, not even a pot hole was filled.

CEO’s of insurance companies make 13 million a year and while we’re at it, let’s bail out some banks, or 3 or 5 of them. We have mandated insurances for your car and the recent one, on your very life now.

We don’t have problems in our country for a lack thereof, we have problems because somewhere down the line, someone always has their hand out wanting an unfair piece of the “taxpayer” pie.  We could  stop crime. We could virtually all but wipe it out aside from a few small pockets here and there.

Most American’s pay upwards of 30% of their income to direct state and federal income taxes. You pay that much because your government has mis-used your money and they’re in debt.  Your taxes aren’t enough anymore either.

Small businesses are more regulated, insurances are mandated, taxes have gone up and they’re laying people off too because of the government’s rule over the people’s money. Small businesses, every day people and the average worker are getting robbed in one way and the effect it has on our people are causing crimes in another way.

We live by fees and fine increases now. Now you have to put stickers on your cars to operate them.  We live in a day when people get fined and ticketed for things that have nothing to even do with their driving any longer. It’s a light bulb, a tinted window, an insurance payment or a sticker.

Then it’s more taxes everywhere you go.

Dinner, gas, to the mall shopping, even at the pumpkin patch you’ll pay taxes. You can’t even buy a pumpkin.

When it takes 1 billion dollars to just “run” for office it’s no longer about who the best candidate is, nor is the message we’re sending correct at all. You cannot spend 1 billion dollars on a “new dress” and some flashy new images and ever call yourself any leader of anyone.

How could anyone stand in front of people and talk about jobs and the economy, when you just blew 1 billion dollars?

Further, when the money that funds campaigns comes from many of the very corporations or lobbyists who’s mandated monthly bills we now pay, that’s a crime against everything life, liberty and freedom stand for.  Yet, you the American people just sit back and let them do it to you.

The truth really is, the American people give enough money to supply food, housing, insurance, healthcare, education, cars, roads, city services, houses and everything else to go around dozens of times.

There are enough innovative people in this country to solve world hunger, invent home “off the grid” electricity, cars that never use gas and tires that take 20 years to wear out.

We could have the best education system if we could just stop creating program after program (where people always get paid) and rule after procedure and just teach.

Some of the greatest innovators of our time have no education and what they did have, they learned from an education system that dates 80 years ago. Some, thousands of years ago.

Education? Give me a break. We’re robbing our children of education.

Some consider the greatest minds of all time are people who came from centuries ago. Ever heard of Jesus? Isacc Newton, Galileo? Gandhi? Martin Luther King?

They didn’t go through detention, ADHD screening, the no child left behind program, or Common Core. How did they ever make it in life?

Truth is, we could live in a world where people who were dirt poor or didn’t have an education, we could give them one and raise them in a country that encourages them to pursue their passions. We could change family lines and future generations could rise out of poverty.

Children could break the cycle and no longer live in squalor or poverty. No longer be uneducated and no longer “beat down” by the system.

People who couldn’t provide for themselves wouldn’t have to worry about a home, food, making a living until they got better, or secured work.

And work – work could be so that if you work 40 hours at a full time job you could support a family of 3-4.  A wife and a child, a small home or apartment.  You could actually afford all the mandated bills that are forced upon you.

We could hold value and importance to caring about our neighborhoods as a community and as neighbors. Don’t we want everyone around us to have those things? Do we really want our neighbors (or “those people” on the other side of the tracks) to be uneducated and live in poverty? We want that? Everyone says poverty has a direct correlation to crime, so… how is this so hard to figure out how to solve it then?

We could also take a stand against the trillions spent on the next pharmaceutical drug to come out for “excessive blinking” and spend it on our people so instead of 80,000 more people being diagnosed with “excessive blinking syndrome“, 50,000 more people get jobs, an education, move to a better house, feel more stable in their lives and maybe start a family.

We could encourage creativity, inventiveness. We could be less concerned with “go go go” and be more concerned with “think think think“.

We could come up with creative ideas such as paying people based on inventiveness or problem solving. We could incentivise good deeds, acts of kindness, neighborhood cleanups or teens who help kids in grade schools. How many of those ideas could you think of?

We could offer incentives to lay people who are experts at a craft, skill or hold some knowledge that they could teach to others. Short on teachers? Not anymore. They’re lined up everywhere. Everywhere you go there’s a group of 4-6 people meeting and discussing passions, loves, ideas and plans.

We could foster ideas in schools and become little think tanks of ideas and creativity in the community that encourages people to pursue thoughts and ideas without restriction.

We could provide full access to the education and tools to pursue ideas in a free and open culture that is encouraging of following your own passion and sharing in knowledge.

Know what else we could do? If you don’t commit a crime by age 30, you could get a “life bonus”. We could incentivise our crime problem with the very money that people fight for. We could USE MONEY TO SOLVE THE CRIME PROBLEM and step one could be giving the money people have already earned, back to them.

I personally know 20 year olds who owe the government money after filing their taxes last year. Young kids just starting out in life, working Full Time, paying in 2,000 plus a year in taxes and at the end of the year, owe the government an additional $300-500. Kids barely surviving, paying in to the system and it’s just not enough.

There’s so many other things we could do. We could change the meaning of “cool” so being cool is no longer Scarface or some Gang Member or some small time local drug dealer.

Our heroes could be real heroes, instead of made up television actors and old history book fairy tales of Columbus and others, most of which aren’t role models at all.  As close as we get to any real hero is a fireman.  Why a fireman?

Because of 9-11. We celebrate fireman and police now but only after 4,000 of our people were murdered.

You know what else we could do?

We could drive our cars longer, spend less on the George Foreman grill, the new dicer chopper, the latest Gucci or Armani clothing.

See, when something is as valuable as money, people protect it.  They save it, cherish it, guard over it and will even cause harm in the name of it. People who don’t have life’s most precious commodity, will rob you blind for it too.

Now we have mandated health insurance.

Mandated health insurance means that now, as soon as the day you are born until the day you die, you owe “insurance money” on your life.

You owe, because you “could be” a liability to someone “if” something were to ever happen to you.

In other words, you “can’t live” without a power over you deciding that you could propose a financial burden on someone else, (one that can only be solved by your money) so therefore “you owe” the most valuable commodity in existence and the hardest to come by – just for being alive.

Did you catch that? The most valuable commodity in existence – and the hardest thing to come by… you owe.

No longer just if you have a job; no longer if you buy something; no longer if you travel on a road; you owe from birth to death, simply for living.  How could any man, woman or child ever possibly think that is good, and just and right.

As much as car insurance is the same scenario at least with that you don’t have to drive. You can take a cab, ride a bus, walk, take a bike ride, you can get around.

How do you not live?

Unless I missed something, I’m pretty sure none of us were asked ahead of time. Or is that now an option too? Is that the reason for so much crime? Is there no value to life anymore?

What if we valued people that much? What if we valued people as much as we value money?

But see, no one wants us to think like that. They can’t make money if we think that way. It’s grow grow grow. Gotta get bigger and bigger and bigger. Hurry, make more plastic things for people to buy.  Hurry, pass more laws that mandate people “pay money” to us. Hurry, trade your car in because the car companies say you car doesn’t have any value after 3 years now.

We never used to be a people like that.

We never used to be gluttons, wasteful, we never used to throw away as much of the crap we buy as we do now. We never even used to pay Federal taxes.

Now we have rummage sales, garage sales and 10,000 Facebook buy sell pages. The truth is we are completely flooded in crap merchandise from fast food to junk food and every plastic trinkett in between.

We have crime because the most valuable commodity in existence – the hardest thing to come by… you owe and in the culture of the media of today, unfortunately unless all of us stand up against the propaganda that divides us, the propaganda of culture that defines us and the money hoarding criminals of our day, get used to these reports.

Crime, getting robbed, being shot, having your home or business broken into is only going to get worse.


* Correction: The organization who’s tires were slashed was Golden Meals, not Meals on Wheels. We apologize for the error.


Updated 11/2/2016 at 9:13 p.m.

In response to a few comments from our Facebook viewers, specifically in response to some who have mis-understood this article to imply that crime is because of poor people, we’d like to provide this update.

While we can see how some might on an overview take this article as being about poverty, it is not.  Not in the sense of poor people anyway.

It’s actually an article about poverty, wealth, law, culture and the media. Poverty is a factor in crime but you have to look at all of the cause and effects of money and go beyond poor people. You have to include the rich as well.

Money makes your world go around, yes?  It takes money to hire police officers, money for crime prevention, money for public outreach programs, money for non profit organizations, counselors, money for teachers, correct?

So, without money then, you have no extra police. Do you think if we added 100 police officers we could pretty much put an end to Freeport’s crime? 150 officers? If there were 10 police on the corners of downtown Freeport do you think Deininger’s would have even been robbed at all?

Well sorry, no go on the solving crime in Freeport that way, because we don’t have any money for that.

Without money, you have no extra teachers. Do you think if we invested in 100 more teachers in Freeport that more kids might have the chance to learn a different way, different life, different possibilities and different opportunities about life? Think we could have changed the attitudes in the kids who slashed 14 tires to think of a different “cool” thing to do?

The above article makes numerous points.

One, in your money system, money solves everything. It buys the people, tools and materials to build everything.  Money is glorified. We glorify the people who have money. We hold money up in high places. On TV, we show lifestyles of the rich and famous, MTV cribs.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from, if you have money, people hold you in a higher place. We’re not saying that’s right, we’re just saying that’s what it is.

In our world, you’re a nobody when your name is Curtis Jackson but when you become rich and now your name is 50 Cent, oh boy, now you’re something. Money is the idol.  Not people, not lives, not a culture of humility, thoughtfulness or respect for others. It’s money.

And money, the thing “most people” in our world don’t have, is the very thing you are beat up about and asked for the most in our country.

Give us money here, give us money for that. We need money for this now and oh yeah, there’s a new fine here. Now we need taxes, mandated insurances, stickers for your cars and don’t forget to take this pill. Oh and before you go, don’t forget to pick up this new plastic trinkett item for your home. It has 25% more now.

And then there’s Christmas. How on earth am I ever going to be able to afford a Christmas for my family.

Our money system is what causes all this stress in people’s lives. They slave over work, make pennies and then they turn their television on and get broadcast the enticement of a life of crime, do what you want, don’t care about anyone and chase money no matter how you have to get it. It’s the top story on the programming schedule 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The crime problem, is a relationship problem but in your money world, there’s no time for relationships. There’s no money to teach parents a better way. There’s no money for the extra teachers, or the extra police officers, or extra community people to step up and help out. Everyone has to go to work and make money.  There’s no money, yet you keep putting money in and they keep asking for more and more.

There’s even a lottery and all these other ways the government gets even more of your money yet, there’s no money. There’s enough to pay a baseball player 10 million dollars; enough to afford a 1 billion presidential election on someone no one trusts; enough to pay 5 billion for a healthcare website, yet there’s always no money for us.

It’s not about poor people. It’s about a seemingly poor nation unable to supply enough resources to give us enough teachers, give us enough police officers, or use our money correctly to provide safety in our streets and neighborhoods. No money, in the land of riches.

Drug problem, crime problem, culture problem, it’s all going to take your money to “fix it”. Not because money fixes people, but because people fix people and everyone wants to get paid. Not only do they want to get paid, they need to get paid now. Now, just being alive costs you whether you work, own a home, drive or do anything. Something “might” happen to you, so pay up.

So as we said, “we have crime because the most valuable commodity in existence – the hardest thing to come by… you owe and in the culture of the media of today, unfortunately unless all of us stand up against the propaganda that divides us, the propaganda of culture that defines us and the money hoarding criminals of our day, get used to these reports“.

We think there is enough money to the point being, we believe you, the average American citizen is not only getting robbed of your money, you are being robbed of your health, safety, security, freedoms, education, peace and your happiness.  It doesn’t have to be this way but everyone wants a piece of your taxpayer pie.

In our thinking, we could have prevented Deininger’s from ever getting broken into in the first place but sorry Deininger’s, we don’t have enough money for that. But that’s okay right? Just make your check payable to the U.S. Government. We accept direct withdrawal, cash, money order, check or credit card.

How would you like to pay?


5 thoughts on “Deininger Floral Broken Into And Here’s Who We Think Did It

  • November 2, 2016 at 10:56 am

    The vehicles listed as belonging to “Meals on Wheels” do not. They, in fact, belong to “Golden Meals”. These are two separate organizations. Golden Meals serves only senior citizens and offers both home delivered meals and congregate sites where seniors can come to eat and socialize. If you want more information about Golden Meals, you can call them at 815-232-8896.

  • November 2, 2016 at 11:04 am

    Oh, and I also wanted to say that this is a very insightful, very interesting article.

  • November 2, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    Good article, I wish I could find a way to change it; I don’t have a clue and neither do most good people, how does one over run our own government, I feel like we are just like back in the day when people sought a new country to avoid taxation and now our lives are the same, The rich get richer year after year. As a country we need to change; I don’t know how to even start that, all I can do is pray for God to show us how.

  • December 2, 2016 at 5:54 pm

    One can only hope. But there has been an exodus of criminals relocating from Chicago to Freeport for 18 years. The blight in previously nice neighborhoods continues, in spite of city programs to demolish or improve old houses. With dictator trump dismantling the government, Freeport will remain SSDD as usual and it will be every man/woman for themselves. The police will be further militarized when community policing fails to properly handle the mentally ill and glut of assault weapons available. Until mankind learns that love and respect of others is the answer, we’ll be living under an oligarchy. Frightened? We should be.

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