Drive By Beloit Shooting Kills Innocent Five Year Old Boy – Police Need Your Help

Beloit – This is a story that really angers us and even though this didn’t happen in Freeport, Beloit people travel the region all the time. Since we have viewers in our entire region and because this is such a travesty, we’re asking our viewers to help spread the word so we can catch the person or person’s responsible for this heinous act.

Authorities in Beloit are investigating the fatal shooting of a five-year-old boy which happened around 7:10 p.m. Friday evening. Police are looking for a late 1990s or early 2000s model SUV that is maroon in color and a GMC product.

On Friday evening at the intersection of Prairie Avenue and Shopiere Road in Beloit a father and his little boy were fired upon in their car. The 5 year old child victim was in his father’s car when shots were fired from the suspects GMC Maroon colored SUB. Sadly, the boy was pronounced dead at hospital. Investigators don’t know how many people were in that vehicle or whether the vehicle that was hit was the intended target. The Father reported the SUV had been following his vehicle for some time.

The Beloit police department are requesting any help people can provide on the shooting case.  If any of you have knowledge of this tragedy, know who may have been involved, were near the area and saw anything, or have any information at all, please contact the Beloit Police Department. If you know who the shooter(s) are, come forward and do the right thing. Please share this with everyone.

Beloit Police Department

Non-Emergency Calls:
(608) 757-2244
Main Phone:
(608) 364-6800
Detective Bureau:
(608) 364-6828

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