Entertainment Freeport Opens ‘Central Hub’ For Music and Entertainment In Stephenson County

Freeport, Illinois — Let’s face it. There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t enjoy music. While that music taste may vary between each person, the sounds and emotions music gives to us lives inside us all. There are no “sound and harmony” haters out there.

But the problem in Stephenson County Illinois is that there isn’t a central location to find, hear or watch all the music the county has to offer. That is anyway, until now.

A recent local effort sponsored in part by Logan’s in Freeport, aims to change the way Stephenson County Illinois sees, hears and knows about its local music. That new effort is called Entertainment Freeport.

Through a direct involvement with the music community, Entertainment Freeport is a long term plan to change the way everyone in the county views and has access to music. It’s a plan the group is inviting all bands, artists, choirs, groups, singers, Karaoke singers, venues, concert holders, schools and all others to be a part of and engage in.

“If it involves music, we want it” says Michele Magee of Logan’s. “We want to know about every single music event happening in the county.” “We’re counting on everyone in music to reach out and be a part of this”, she also adds.

Entertainment Freeport will start out as a weekly show highlighting all the music events going on in the county for the upcoming week. The show will debut with its weekend edition which will air Thursday mornings at 10:00 a.m. CST. The show will give county residents everything going on in music through the next 7 days.

Adding uniqueness, shows will be hosted by various artists, band members, venue owners, local business owners, special guests and by people directly inside and involved in the local music community. The show offers FREE publicity to hosts, venues and members of the music community to promote their efforts in music, while allowing them to take part in what will become Stephenson County’s central place for music. Anyone who wants to host a show is welcome and encouraged to reach out to the group.

As the shows progress, each weekly episode will highlight music you may have missed over the past week. Shows will include interviews with local bands and artists and occasionally, will include special guests such as nationally known artists Sunny Sweeny, Jeremey McComb and Alex Williams, just to name a few.

“The music scene isn’t dead in Freeport or in the county”, says Magee. “The publicity of it is dead, the way we present it is dead, that’s the problem”.

Magee says the way (we) promote quote, “entertainment” right now, is not very entertaining. She says right now it’s scattered, it’s all over the place and it’s not very organized. She says Entertainment Freeport aims to change all of that.

Along the way Magee adds she’s sure the group will fumble, goof up or do or say something off color, but says, “hey, that’s the very essence of what music is anyway, isn’t it? We’re going for it.”

The main thing the group wants everyone to know however, is the goal here is to have a central place for all the music in the county.

“It’s a win win for everyone”, Magee said. “There are no single winners here. We all win with this one if we all take part.”

Entertainment Freeport plans on visiting live music locations as well to get interviews, fan reaction and footage for upcoming shows, when they can, but they are requesting artists send in photos and short video clips for show. The shows will be fun, lighthearted, informative and entertaining but most importantly the group says, all encompassing of music.

Venue Profile
Venue Profile

Entertainment Freeport will be accepting videos submitted by artists from their performances as well. These clips will get included in weekly shows. Anyone who plays music of any kind in the county, whether in the past, present, or in the future is encouraged to get a channel on Entertainment Freeport. Venues have a place for them on the Entertainment Freeport platform as well.

“We really want to show the music scene in its entirety here, so we’re telling all those involved in music to go create an account, update their profiles and start sending us under 30 second clips and photos of their shows.”

Event holders and artists can also submit events through Entertainment Freeport. You can follow Entertainment Freeport on their Facebook page here.


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