ESPN Coming to Little Cubs Field To Film ‘Sunday Night Baseball’ Segment

Freeport, Illinois — May 17, 2017 — Great news for Freeport, Illinois and baseball fans everywhere. Word has it that ESPN is coming to Little Cubs Field this Monday, May 22, 2017 to do a story on Little Cubs Field and Freeport Little League.

The story is said to be about a 90 second story that will play on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN on Sunday night, June 4th, during the Cardinal/Cubs game at Wrigley Field. The league says it is trying to move the Little League game on May 22nd  up to 5:30 pm and they need a big crowd.

They are inviting anyone who ever played Little League Baseball in Freeport since its charter started in 1961 to attend the game.

Set up by Little League International, each Sunday night on ESPN during the game a different Little League will be featured, leading up to the Little League World Series. Little Cubs Field is kicking off this series.

Viewers are being asked to please pass this along to all the people you know as they want to have a huge crowd and put Freeport on the map, again.

So let’s fill up the bleachers this coming Monday night and wear blue. The ESPN crew will arrive sometime Sunday and stay overnight, then shoot some footage Monday morning, and the LL game in the evening.


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