Final Round of Leaf Pickup – Once Past Your Home, They Will Not Return This Year

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — The city of Freeport has announced that due to the inclement weather and the forecasted temperatures, the city will begin the last and final round of leaf pickup for the season.

“The inclement weather has made our conventional pickup methods and equipment ineffective, so we will be doing the collection with end loaders and dump trucks”, the city said in a release. They ask residents to be patient as this “process is very slow”.

Below is a leaf map containing where the crews are and will be during the coming collection. You can find updates to the map on the city’s website.

If you live in the area listed as “In Progress”, it means city crews are in your area. The city says once they are past your house, they will “not be coming back”.

If your address is in the area identified as “Next”, the crews will be shifting to this area after the completion of the In Progress area. The daily progress in specific areas will be identified on the map.

If your area does not have a label, keep an eye on the map for future updates. The city says they will only schedule the area In Progress as well as the area scheduled to be done Next.


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