Former Teacher And Local Lincoln Impersonator Arrested Friday On Prostitution And Child Pornography Charges

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — Local Abe Lincoln impersonator and former school teacher George A. Buss of Freeport was arrested Friday morning on charges of child pornography and patronizing a prostitute, according to the Stephenson County Sheriff.

Buss, who worked at Freeport School District 145 as the AVID District Director for ten years and served as the Vice President for Equity with the local teachers union was placed in the Stephenson County jail without bond.

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Freeport police said Buss was part of a criminal investigation that began in February of this year. Buss was taken into custody at his home in Freeport. He is facing a felony charge for allegedly producing child pornography and a misdemeanor count for patronizing a prostitute.

Freeport Scanner II first also released details of another arrest on Friday of a Tyler Allen Dotson, male 22 years of age, arrested on child pornography and prostitution. Details have not been provided as to whether these two cases are related.

Rep. Andrew Chesney responded to the charges issuing the following statement, “The crimes George Buss stands accused of are heinous. I denounce him in the strongest of terms. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. May their voices be heard and may justice be quickly served.”

Buss portrayed President Abraham Lincoln in public events around Freeport and across the country since 1986. He was the official Lincoln reenactor at an annual reading of the Gettysburg Address each year at Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania.

According to The Smoking Gun, if convicted of the child porn charge, Buss could face a prison sentence in excess of “one score years”, (20 years) a maximum $100,000 fine, and placement on the sex offender registry.

Both Buss and Dotson are currently being held on a $200,000 bond at the Stephenson County Jail in Freeport, Illinois.


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