Forreston Chief of Police One of Multiple Victims of Property Damage

Forreston, Illinois — May 27, 2017 — Shortly after 11:00 a.m. Saturday morning Forreston, Illinois Chief of Police Mike Boomgarden reported  criminal damage to his property when after noticing that his wooden privacy fence had been vandalized.

“Overnight someone committed acts of CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTY by spray painting words and symbols on at least 3 public locations and the wooden privacy fence at my residence” Chief Boomgarden stated in a public statement.

Boomgarden said the same things were written at each location.

The public is being asked that if anyone has any information that could be helpful please contact Chief Boomgarden personally at 815 275-5421 or the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department at 815 732-2136. 


Cover photo: Pearl Mayberry

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