Freeport Chamber of Commerce Names Nicole Haas as Interim Director

Freeport, Illinois — The Freeport Chamber of Commerce announced today that an Interim Director has been named to serve during the transition from former Executive Director Tiffany King. Elizabeth, Illinois resident Nicole Haas will take the position as Interim Director while they determine the future direction of the organization.

“I am glad I can offer the Freeport Chamber and the members some continuity as they move forward. Tiffany has done a wonderful job running the organization and with the help of the great staff in place, we will continue to provide the same level of service during the transition. It is an honor to be working with so many exceptional people in Freeport and I look forward to meeting with members and the community in the months to come,” Haas said.

The Freeport Chamber stated that King will continue to work with Haas and the Board of Directors during the transition. “I know I am leaving the organization in good hands”, King stated

“Nicole has a lot of experience with marketing, event planning, and non-profit management. She will work well with the staff to ensure that things run smoothly in the coming weeks and months. Knowing that she will be stepping up as Interim Director, allows the Board to focus on continuing to support the strategic direction of the organization.”

There is currently a task force in place made up three board members from each the Chamber, FDDF, CVB, NIDA, the County and the City to discuss the idea of merging our community development organizations.  Freeport City Manager Lowell Crow said it was used to explore the concerns that each of boards had towards consolidation. Crow said no board up to this point has voted to move forward and the City simply proposed the idea.

“Businesses want to work with private companies and the new organization would be private and independent with funding from both private investors as well as the city and county.”

The Freeport Chamber of Commerce provides educational, networking and advocacy programs for businesses and members of all sizes in the Greater Freeport area.

For further information you can contact Mike Schiffman at 815-232-0300



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