Freeport High Encourages Students That They CAN Make A Difference At Inspire Change Week

Freeport, Illinois – For the second year, Freeport High School is again sponsoring a Homecoming style spirit week right before Spring Break at the end of March called Inspire Change Week. Inspire Change Week is designed to promote and encourage the idea that one person can make a difference in our world.

The goal of the week is to inspire students to be accepting of each other’s diverse views and backgrounds and to advocate for the kind of pay ­it­ forward attitude that will continue to move Freeport forward.

The week is sponsored by three sponsors who regularly step up to partner with the school district and support the shared goal of making Freeport’s future brighter by investing in our students.

Freeport Health Network (contact: Dr. Michael Perry)
Mechanical, Inc (contact: Brian Helm)
Bocker Automotive (contact: Delbert Bunker)

The message of unity and promise of a brighter tomorrow is something Freeport High School has been actively working on for a while. Increased connections to local businesses, increased dual credit opportunities with Highland Community College, and a redesigned course guide for the 2016­17 school year that includes an alignment of all courses to the sixteen career clusters are increasing the relevancy of high school course work and bridging the students’ transition to a bright future.

Freeport High School Principal, Dr. Beth Summers sees the value in making real world connections for students. “Freeport High School is thrilled to have established partnerships with local businesses like FHN, Mechanical and Bocker because we know that if our students can follow a path to a rewarding local career our students win and our community wins too. We look forward to working with more business and industry leaders in the Freeport area,” she says.

During the Inspire Change Week, students will participate in writing inspirational messages that will be hung around the school and will take part in spirit week activities which will culminate with an all school assembly on Thursday at 9:05 a.m.

The sponsors contributed to the cost of Inspire Change Week t­shirts for all students and staff which will be worn on Thursday and can be worn every Friday for Spirit Day. The logo was designed by Freeport High School students in Heather Cornelius’ graphic design course.

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