Former Platoon Leader, Illinois National Guard Soldier Front And Center At The Presidential Inauguration

A former Platoon Leader in Freeport Illinois and Illinois national guard soldier who was front and center at the presidential inauguration will be returning home soon.

Captain William Konovsky based out of Freeport, Illinois has been in the national guard for 12 years.

He says he first imagined attending a presidential inauguration as a civilian. But those plans quickly changed after the January 6th breach, as he would need to put his years of experience to work at the U.S. Capitol.

On inauguration day, he says law enforcement was flooded throughout Washington. Watch video.

Konovsky says his role was to respond to possible riots or civil disturbances.

But thankfully he says the inauguration went on peacefully.

“Still very much could be, but as of the presidential inauguration day we did not have to respond to any incidents whatsoever, but that is all Illinois did, specifically, but to be able to respond from Illinois, to help our brothers and sisters, not only the D.C. Guard, but the D.C. Metro Police and U.S Capitol Police, we absolutely were thankful to answer the call,” said Konovsky.

Captain Konovsky is a police officer (in Aurora, Illinois) full time and says he will be back to Illinois after spending a few more days in Washington.