Freeport Police Make 219 Traffic Stops In Just Over Two Weeks During The Holiday’s

Freeport, Illinois – The Freeport Police Department released their Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over numbers for the holiday this season.

As part of the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, the Freeport Police Department were out this holiday season working to save lives by keeping drunk drivers off of our roads.

The Freeport Police Department stated that from Dec. 16, 2016, through Jan. 2, 2017, the Freeport Police Department arrested 4 drivers who had blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) over the legal limit of 0.08. In addition, 14 drivers and passengers received citations for not wearing seat belts. 29 citations were issued for Uninsured Motor Vehicles, 26 citations were issued for Speeding. A total of 219 traffic stops had been made from Dec. 16, 2016 through Jan. 2, 2017.

“To help Illinois drive zero fatalities to reality, we warned partygoers to never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs or face the consequences if they did — and we kept our word,” Lt. Blake Klosa said. “These offenders now realize their actions have serious and potentially fatal consequences, and we hope they will never put themselves or others at risk by driving impaired by alcohol or drugs again.

“Too often, drivers get wrapped up in the excitement of the holidays and make the foolish decision to drive after drinking,” Lt. Klosa said. “But no one should ever drive impaired by alcohol or drugs. Always hand the keys to a sober driver or face the consequences. Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.”

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  • January 4, 2017 at 9:00 am

    219 pulled over for suspected impaired driving? Looks more like a dragnet to raise $$$$$

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