Freeport School District Going Full Remote

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — On October 21, the FSD Board of Education approved to amend the COVID-19 metrics which outlines guidelines on how the FSD#145 district will respond to the spread of the coronavirus within the district or at an individual school building, in order to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Please refer to the metrics below:

fsd 11-6-2020 - 1

fsd 11-6-2020 - 2

fsd 11-6-2020 - 3

“After consulting with the SCHD, we have arrived at the conclusion, with their recommendation, that transitioning to full remote learning for the entire district is one way that we are able to mitigate the spread of the virus in our school buildings at this time. Currently, the rise in student and staff infections has made it difficult to be able to carry out our daily school operations safely.”

Students in grades 5-12, transitioned to full remote learning last week and will continue with remote learning and return to in- person or hybrid learning on Monday, November 30, after the Thanksgiving Break.

In -person students in the elementary schools will have a full day of school tomorrow, Thursday, November 5, and begin full remote learning on Friday. In -person learning for these students will also resume on Monday, November 30, after the Thanksgiving Break.

FSD says they have made arrangements to continue to provide meals to students.

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