Freeport’s ‘Grime Fighting’ Superheroes Spotted Over The Weekend

Freeport, Illinois — This past weekend people all over Freeport and the region had a chance to get out and enjoy the much nicer weather.

Families were out walking the new path on Empire street; we saw eight or so bicyclists riding downtown around 10:00 in the morning, (we think one of them was Stu from Freeport Bicycle Company) and we even spotted people wearing shorts and riding their motorcycles.

It was nice to see people out all throughout the city enjoying the day. In fact, it was so nice that millions of women all across America took it upon themselves to get outside and march all across America.

How about that.

But little did any of us realize, (even all those women) that there was grime all around us.

Pop cans, wrappers, tennis shoes, old televisions, underwear, a tire iron, dead squirrel even a wiper blade.

Just stuff, and stuff that builds up in weird, odd and sometimes very obvious places that has either blown out of someone’s garbage can, fallen off a car, left by accident or, was thrown on the ground purposely.

Lucky for us in Freeport there’s a band of people who occasionally hit the streets, (or the entire block) and pick up all that grime that’s around us.

See a couple years back a pretty cool women named Stephanie Feld started an effort in Freeport called Be The Change. Her model, simple.

Don’t talk, do.

In past interviews we have had with Stephanie, she told us everyone complains about this and about that. But Stephanie told us that she reached a point when she just said enough, I’m going to do.

What she chose to do was form Be The Change and start with physically cleaning up Freeport.

With a unique twist, Stephanie told people they could dress up as their favorite superhero. As a group, people from all over Freeport gathered together and hit the streets to clean up all our grime.

Over the weekend with all the nice weather one local family of grime fighters did just that. They made it out to clean up their block and they shared a photo of their adventure with Be The Change.

Joseph Sikora said while they were out they filled up two bags full, found a tire iron, wiper blade and a dead squirrel.

Be The Change says they love seeing photos of their friends and neighbors helping to fight grime in our city and says they are looking forward to another great grime fighting season coming up.

The warmer weather had these little grime fighters out picking up their community! We love seeing these photos and are…

Posted by Be The Change on Sunday, January 22, 2017


Cover photo: Be The Change

We also understand that Jarrod  Wilson also was out fighting grime.

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