From Fireworks To Female Dancers, Logan’s Bar & Grill Pushes Freeport’s Entertainment Edge

Freeport, Illinois — July 14, 2017 — So what the #@&$%#!@ happened at Logan’s to get a ten day slap on the liquor wrist from the city of Freeport.

That seems to be the question on some people’s minds and as many know, rumor among various circles in the city can often run pretty deep.

It appears that on June 23, 2017 Logan’s held “Gentleman’s Night”, which was to be a night of female dancers that started around 9:30 p.m., and last roughly two and a half hours.

Logan’s has had a number of similar events in the past with male dancers without incident so, they rounded up some females this time and gave “Gentleman’s Night” a shot.

Why not.

When it comes to events Logan’s has put on duck races, line dancing, karaoke, they hold numerous fundraisers, golf outings, team trivia nights, lots and lots of music and this year they even helped out considerably with the 2017 Freeport Fireworks, (Sky Concert).

When you’re in business, especially in the entertainment business which most bars are, you throw a lot of stuff at the wall. Sometimes things stick, sometimes they don’t and unfortunately, other times they can even bite you in the $%#, (insert place you don’t want to get bitten here).

The Wagner House in downtown Freeport has a Prohibition event where they dress up in 20’s attire and make puns about sneaking alcohol from the eye of the police.

It’s not strippers but part of the premise of the event is prohibition, drinking without getting busted.  Beating the law.

It comes with the territory.

Just look what happened at Rt. 20 recently. The owner of that establishment was said to have completely snapped in front of his customers, berating one of his employees. The way the incident was described and what was said to have happened, was insane. There was such an outrage against the owner, we thought town hangings were going to come back. We thought the guy was going to get strung up downtown at high noon.

Logan’s is a female owned business.

While there is a co-owner, Blake King, he is said to not be a part of the day to day operations. He is also the ex husband of owner Michelle Magee.

While we hope that situation is going well, there’s a chance it isn’t.  Most of us have heard stories or even have personal experience of the kind of damage an ex can inflict on their former spouses, and even children.  To complete the Logan’s family unit, for those who don’t know ‘Logan’ is also the name of current Benchwamers owner, Eric White’s son. Altogether, a strange dynamic especially when you add in that Eric is often seen bashing Logan’s and vice versa.

Point is, nothing is perfect in this world.

According to Michelle though, someone around 7:00 p.m. on the evening of June 23rd called the police and said Logan’s were having strippers.

She says a police officer showed up around 7:30 p.m. that evening and asked about the event.

She said she told the officers about the event, explained that the girls dance, that they are not nude but that they do wear skimpy clothing. She said the officer said OK and that there were no violations. The show went on.

From Michelle’s perspective, that’s all she knew she says until Monday June 26th rolled around and the police showed back up at her establishment. Michelle says two police officers came in to Logan’s and they questioned her about the night of June 23rd.

Michelle said the officers proceeded to tell her they had an undercover officer come into the Logan’s establishment that evening around 12:07 a.m.. She said the officer told her that the undercover officer had seen naked girls in a side room.

On Wednesday June 28th the police questioned a Logan’s bartender who, according to Michelle, also told them that she didn’t see nudity. Only women in skimpy clothing and that nothing illegal went on.

Michelle said she didn’t think anything of it because she had never seen an actual police report, so she assumed nothing was “official”. Michelle says she didn’t hear anymore about it.

On June 30th however, Michelle says she got a call from the Mayor’s secretary wanting to know if Michelle had time Monday, July 3rd to meet with the Mayor. Michelle says she setup the appointment and that on Monday when she got to the meeting, the city attorney Steve Cox was there.

According to Michelle, the Mayor said that she wanted to meet in regards to the police report and alleged strippers at Logan’s on June 23rd. Michelle said she told the Mayor the same thing she had told the police officers, that the girls were never nude.

According to Michelle that’s when Mayor Miller said that the police have an undercover officer who says otherwise. However, then proceeds to tell Michelle that the police have no pictures and no video of the alleged incident. That they have no actual proof of nudity, according to Michelle.

She says the Mayor said she had two choices;

(1) Take a 10 day liquor license suspension that must run consecutively from a Friday 7:00 am until the following Sunday at midnight and pay a $5,000 fine, or

(2) take the case to trial.

Option two (2) would mean Michelle would be responsible for court costs, lawyer fees and that Logan’s liquor license would be suspended for the entire duration of the trial.

After the advice of her attorney, Michelle says she really had no choice but to admit to the charges and take the 10-day liquor license suspension.

So Thursday, July 13th, 2017 Logan’s conceded to a violation.

The bar’s liquor license will be suspended from July 28 through August 6.  Logan’s will have until September 1st, 2017 to pay the $5,000 to the city.

If you take a step back and just soak the whole thing in, there sure are a lot of odd scenarios at play here.

On one end you have a bar (like every other bar), serving alcohol to the public that the police, are trying to catch people who do too much of.

On the other end of the story you have a police officer in a bar, yet no one is cited for drinking. The news of the day instead, nudity.

Go figure.

Rules are rules though and yes, we have to follow them.  Certainly Logan’s didn’t go out of their way to intentionally bring in strippers or defy any city ordinance or law.

This is the first time that we’re aware of that any female dancers of the kind had ever been at Logan’s.  Either that, or there were never any police at the ‘male dancer’ nights.

Either way, we don’t hold anything against Logan’s for pushing Freeport’s entertainment edge. This wasn’t some undercover covert op where our city caught some crazy nudity ring in the port.

It was a night of dancing (this time with females) that either did get carried away, (at the dancers doing anyway) or it just simply isn’t an event that the leaders of our community are quite ready to approve of.

While we have no idea what going ten days without serving alcohol can do to a bar business, it can’t be good. When you add $5,000 to the tab, that’s tough.

Good news is, not everyone drinks.  Bad news, everyone is naked. Thank God we’re all hungry at least.

Keep it local everyone.

Logan’s is a great place. Don’t let this change that.



9 thoughts on “From Fireworks To Female Dancers, Logan’s Bar & Grill Pushes Freeport’s Entertainment Edge

  • July 14, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    There will be a Go Fund Me page up and running by late Friday, early Saturday to help Logan’s raise the $5000 needed. Anything over the $5000 will be split by the staff. There will also be a fund raiser on Sunday, July 23rd at Logan’s with bands donating time and talent for it and great food. Please help as much as you can. We need Logan’s!!!!

  • July 14, 2017 at 1:28 pm

    What does Eric White have to do with this story? Why take a shot at the guy? Because his son’s name is Logan!! That’s your connection… Fake News Greg. Don’t use this as a way to hurt or get even with others, report the facts….Who, What, Why, When and Where.
    Greg Hartman

    • July 14, 2017 at 5:56 pm

      We didn’t take a shot at Eric. There is also nothing “fake” about this article. The reference was simply to make a point, as we used others in the article to make the same point. Nothing is perfect. The bar is named after his son too, so no, we really don’t see a problem with the six words that reference Mr. White. Far worse however, is the brutal attack towards us. Far worse statements and words have not only come from the public, they also came from Eric. Point taken Greg, but there is no excuse for that behavior in relation to saying “Eric is often seen bashing Logan’s and vice versa”.

  • July 14, 2017 at 8:45 pm

    I do not live in Freeport anymore but find the situation and solution to be sketchy. I found it ironic that the only establishment mentioned in a positive light was Wagoner House, who incidentally is a very vocal supporter of the Mayor. Eric nor his current establishment lend anything to this article. Why would they be named? It seems the author was trying to levy guilt by association. Several establishments were portrayed in a negative light except the one that lent support to the mayor during here election run. I have met the Mayor some time ago in a social environment and have nothing but respect for she and her family. That being said I also know her to be a very shrewd business person. Offering a deal she could not refuse to the Logans owner (I do not recall knowing this person) seems improper of the Mayor. As they are a direct competitor for limited entertainment dollars with one of biggest supporters. I am not alledging anything just seems like Illinois politics as usual. My deductions assume the points made in the article to be true. I am also not trying to cast any shade on the Wagoner House or the ownership.

  • July 15, 2017 at 2:14 am

    This article is ridiculous… you should have just left it at the facts This is small town Freeport – we are all very well aware of how the name Logan’s came about, who the previous owner is, who the ex-husband is and all that information was completely unnecessary and irrelevant. Your “insight” of bias bs of who bashes who, or what “exes” do is even more immature, and plainly put.. STUPID on your part! It is interesting you site “other” establishments without dragging names into your journalistic gutter. You should have just left it to the facts (as you see them) of what occurred on June 23rd, and the resulting meetings. And your “defense” response, calling people bullies, etc Congratulations, you just became the port tabloid and completely discredited yourself — which also just may have caused a bit of back-lash of sympathetic to pathetic to Logan’s and the incident Tsk tsk on you!

    • July 15, 2017 at 8:38 am

      It is based on facts. It’s sad too because the main point of the article through referencing who we did, was that arguing and name calling and badgering one another doesn’t help anyone. So congratulations on that. We’re not embarrassed at all. We’re not the one’s who conducted ourselves in such an immature manner in the public. We just wrote an article. It’s fine though. Looks like we have enough material to perhaps even write another now. Certainly a lot has been said, hasn’t it.

  • July 15, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    My parents raised me that if I have nothing nice to say to not say anything at all, so I apologize Mom & Dad, I’m about to go against what you taught me, as the behavior of Today in the Port/ Freeport News Network has crossed a line that I can no longer tolerate.

    As much as it pains me to share your article and allow you to get paid for your “click bait” strategy, it is a necessary evil to allow people to see the root cause of my post.

    Mr. Chambers, in my humble opinion, you should be absolutely ashamed of referring to your site/posts as “news”. (and please do not come back at me with your comment that you don’t claim to be “news” as your Freeport News Network name states otherwise) Your content is no more newsworthy than the National Enquirer. What it is however, is an opinion based source, with a writer who consistently writes one-sided articles, attempting to force conflict between your readers.

    This article in-particular is an exhausting display of someone who wants negative attention. Please understand I have no desire to add OPINIONS on if what Logan’s is being charged with occurred or not. As I was not that that evening, specifically not during the entertainment hours, I have no right to share if I agree or disagree with that piece of your article. What I am sickened by is your slanderous attack on Mr. King, Mr. White, The Wagner House and the owner of Rt. 20.

    Insinuating that Mr. King, Mr. Eric White, or even Mr. White’s son, was part of the reason the police were called, is completely one-sided and was not a necessity to write an article on what occurred that evening as you simply could have reported the cops were called. Making statements in the comments that Mr. White is ” far worse” with his “brutal attacks” towards you proves out the childish behavior you are displaying as an adult. Do you have no ethics Mr. Chambers? Do you really feel that using his name to make a “point” was not evil and unnecessary, and that he should just allow you to slander his family name with no rebuttal at you? Much like all of the people who want “proof” of what happened that night, you should have to “prove” they were some how involved before making such statements.

    Your comments regarding the Prohibition event at the Wagner House, is somehow about “beating the law”, and in some way is the same as potentially having strippers is in the same legal structure is absurd and to me is just a tactic to slander another businesses event. The last I checked, alcohol is legal to be sold as long as you have a license, which The Wagner House owns, however there is no business in Freeport that owns a stripping license.

    Then let’s discuss your comment that you “thought town hangings were going to come back” when referring to the incident of Rt 20 us preposterous. In your commentary,what you failed to mention,is that it was you sir who made that a social media nightmare , plotting people against that business, yet never reporting that the owner did publicly admit to what he did, apologized, and is trying to become a better person, owner and manager.

    You continue to add irrelevant content to your article, such as mentioning that Logan’s is a female owned business. There are many female owned businesses in this town, why does it matter this one is half owned by a female. Are you trying to lead us to think she was targeted as she is female?

    You go on to make sure to note all of the events Logans holds, which I don’t think anyone would dispute. They are great community supporters and provide a lot back to Freeport, but again where is the relevance in that for this article? There are many local businesses who support the community; Applebees has Flapjack days, Culver’s has days where they give back a percentage of sales your cause, Rosati’s does the same, Benchwarmers has had multiple family/illness supporting days, as does Logans, and many others in Freeport. But for some reasons you left all of those “points” out, writing one side to support only Logan’s to lead the readers to believe Logan’s is the only local business that gives back.

    Freedom of speech allows you to say what you want, and I am sure you will have a hundred of retaliating comments for me as to how I have your article ” all wrong” as that has been your response any time someone questions what you have written, but at the end of the day, I will put my head on my pillow knowing I wrote this morally and ethically, where you sir write articles with misguided elements, no actual facts and mostly your opinion, claiming news. To me you are a sad example of a writer and are only “popular” as you spout negativity, and unfortunately we live in a society who thrives on that. Maybe it’s time to take a look in the mirror and admit you have crossed the line, finally learn from it, and become a news-worthy reporter! This towns social media and “gossips sessions” would be a far better place if that happened!

    • July 15, 2017 at 4:03 pm

      Wow. That’s a lot to take in. Let’s just go piece by piece.

      1. We rarely ever write articles. 95% of the articles we publish are press releases or come directly from the business. They are not opinion pieces. We do write opinion pieces however, as every single news outlet on the planet does. So what.

      2. We don’t get “paid for our click bait strategy”. That’s just completely nonsense and it’s just not true. Sorry.

      3. Mr. Chambers could care less about attention.

      4. We’ve never claimed not to be news, we’ve claimed that we are not journalists. In other words, we’re not trying to pretend we’re perfect journalists. We say that so when we do write certain pieces, we don’t get responses such as this. We are not journalists and we don’t claim to be. Our open admission of that is a request for some leniency in gramma, puncuation and what you might “normally” view as news. We are not that.

      5. We did not slander anyone.

      6. You are completely incorrect in your assumption that we insinuated that Mr. King, Mr. Eric White, or even Mr. White’s son, was part of the reason the police were called. That is just horribly wrong Lisa. We didn’t say that, suggest that, imply that or even hint to that at all. You have completely mis-understood.

      So why was that included?

      The very simple point we were making is that everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has some “issue” with someone or something else.

      All of our restaurants and clubs offer great things to Freeport citizens. Aside from personal differences between them, we wanted to make the point in the article, through referencing who we did, that arguing and name calling and badgering one another (or even the events they hold themselves) doesn’t help anyone. “It comes with the territory”, we said.

      In other words, Logan’s does (as do the other bars and clubs) a lot for Freeport, so don’t let this recent situation change that.

      To give you the paragraph in context, this is what the article said;

      “Logan’s is a female owned business.

      While there is a co-owner, Blake King, he is said to not be a part of the day to day operations. He is also the ex husband of owner Michelle Magee.

      While we hope that situation is going well, there’s a chance it isn’t. Most of us have heard stories or even have personal experience of the kind of damage an ex can inflict on their former spouses, and even children. To complete the Logan’s family unit, for those who don’t know ‘Logan’ is also the name of current Benchwamers owner, Eric White’s son. Altogether, a strange dynamic especially when you add in that Eric is often seen bashing Logan’s and vice versa.

      Point is, nothing is perfect in this world.”

      Again, our point was to show a) the structure of the company Logan’s and b) that even within a mixed dynamic of family and that even aside from personal differences that cause businesses to bash one another, nothing is perfect in this world. Michelle and Logan’s appear to have made a mistake. Don’t be so quick to judge and be hard on them.

      That was our point.

      And why?

      Because it doesn’t help Freeport, it doesn’t help the person and it doesn’t really ever solve anything. Everyone has their favorite businesses anyway, and all the bashing does is cause angst among the citizens.

      “Nothing is perfect in this world” Lisa. Perhaps if you re-read what we said, you will see that it was actually a defense of Eric’s public statements about Logan’s, as it was the Rt.20 incident as it was “prohibition” and the event’s concept of “beating the law”.

      7. We absolutely have ethics.

      8. Regarding “town hangings”, and your accusation that we are the one’s who “made that a social media nightmare , plotting people against that business”, we actually didn’t even cover that story at all. It was never on Today In The Port, it was never shared by us socially and we never authored anything on social media about the situation at all. Feel free to search Today In The Port and look for yourself. We even invite you to find anyone else on the planet that can substantiate your accusation. It didn’t happen Lisa.

      9. As for other businesses who support the community that wasn’t the intent of the article. The intent was, as we stated, that “nothing is perfect”.

      10. You read far more into this than is there we’re afraid. We would be willing to garner that the reason is due to Eric White’s social media post, which has misled everyone. We published an article, HE went on social media.

      11. We’ve received threats Lisa. Threats of violence, coming to Mr. Chambers personal home. Eric himself gave a direct invitation for any one of his followers to cause physical harm or come to Greg’s personal home. He directly enticed his followers to approach Greg and his personal home, property or physical person when he posted, “Does anyone want to tell me Greg Chambers address so I can hi”. If you want to to know how that was taken in the context it was posted, these were some of the comments.
      “Don’t do it Eric”

      “Eric White please don’t do it.”

      “I know with everything going on in your life you probaly want to tear into someone… think of all you can lose.”

      12. Our article’s primary focus was on the events that took place at Logan’s Bar & Grill. It was not an article about Eric White. However, Eric turned the article into something entirely about him within the community. He then incited his audience to attack, all over six words.

      “Eric is often seen bashing Logan’s”.

      Of the 1.236 words in the article, this entire fiasco as indicated by Eric’s own words, is over that. For that comment alone, an all day drama filled hate fest took place on Eric White’s Facebook page. A hate fest that ended with a threat from Eric White, stating he wanted to know where Greg lives.

      We have asked ourselves how we would feel if the tables were reversed too. If Eric had said in an article that Greg “bash’s a certain someone or business” and to be quite frank, that would not have bothered us at all. It especially wouldn’t have bothered us on a parent’s funeral visitation day.

      We absolutely would not have gone on a public campaign while spending our time with family, berating someone, filling up our own personal Facebook wall inciting pure public hate and anger during our parents visitation. Certainly not over someone saying something as small and simple as, we bashed someone, (especially when we have).

      At 6:20 a..m. the next morning however, we saw that Greg was yet again tagged (named) in a post from Eric White. We of course don’t even read it but he got the notification. So six words result in a 24 hour public circus show and the ring leader has been Mr. Eric White inciting his followers. We have never done such a spiteful attack against another person personally in anything we have ever published, such as what we just witnessed. Not ever.
      While we welcome any comment about any article or video segment we ever air, voicing your opinion is one thing. We don’t expect you to agree or love everything we do, but we will never tolerate anyone threatening our staff, (or anyone else for that matter). We don’t care who you are.

      We also expect that if people do choose to comment, that they formulate an opinion without sounding like a vulgar 12 year old, (unless they are a 12 year old of course).

      We care that we as a media reported things factually as we saw with our own eyes, as others saw them and reported to us, and as told to us by direct sources. That can not be disputed. What is in the article, can not be disputed. We also stand firm that we did not in any way, intend to harm anyone with our article and we’re not even sure how anyone would have ever taken it that way.

      13. And we agree. This towns social media and “gossips sessions” would be a far better place, but people aren’t ready to hear what they need to and far worse, they have been indoctrinated not to think. There are no “deep thinkers” anymore. They just want shots fired, the incident itself, the crime report and the fight, which is why we attempted to make the point we did.

      “Nothing is perfect” Not Eric, not Logan’s, not Rt. 20 and not “prohibition” beating the law.

  • July 18, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    I was born and raised in Freeport. I left many years ago to go to college and visit my friends and family still living there at least 6 times per year. I follow Freeport news on Facebook. I am astounded that people are supporting someone who broke the law. That is the whole point and nothing less. Go ahead and have your go fund me’s. As a woman, the co-owner of Logan’s should know better. I applaud the City of Freeport for citing her. Sorry it costs so much to get caught. Logan’s website “claims” to be family friendly. Strippers, male or female are not family friendly no matter if it cost $10.00 to get in the door and that it was held late at night. It is illegal in Freeport, IL. I thought Freeport was trying to better it’s image. This didn’t help.

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