FSD 145 Board President Resigns

FRFEPORT, ILLINOIS — At tonight’s regular meeting of the Board of Education, Board President Janice Crutchfield was recognized for 12 years of service to FSD 145. For six of those years, Crutchfield served as board president. Crutchfield announced at the August 18th board meeting that September 15th, would be her last board meeting, as she and her husband Andrew, Freeport business owners, are moving to Houston, TX. Tonight she officially tendered her resignation as President effective immediately and as a member of the board effective September 29th.

In light of Crutchfield’s resignation, Vice President George McCarty will now serve as President and board member Jack Sosnowski was elected vice president. The vacancy on the board will be filled by appointment until the 2021 election for Crutchfield’s seat. The board will make the appointment in the near future.

Superintendent Anna Alvarado said, “ In my first year as superintendent, I was fortunate to have worked with the board under the leadership of President Janice Crutchfield. Janice remained focused on the core values of FSD145 around equity, celebrating diversity and ensuring that policies do not become barriers for students. During challenging times in our district, Janice has been transparent and recognized the need for different perspectives and voices from the community. She has been transparent in her dealings with other board members and valued the different stakeholder groups for their contribution to the future success of FSD145. During these times, now more than ever, a strong partnership between the board and superintendent can be instrumental in the community’s ability to come together with a shared purpose for achieving its new three year vision. I am honored to serve at the pleasure of the FSD145 Board under the leadership of Janice. She will greatly be missed. Her 12 year legacy as a board member will be one that is characterized as someone who served with integrity, transparency and a deep sense of respect for the work of the employees of the district and also as someone who represented students and their families. Janice will certainly be missed not only as a board member but also as a Freeport community member. Once a Pretzel, Always a Pretzel.”

Crutchfield stated, “I am relocating to Houston to be closer to my children and grandchildren. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time serving the students and staff of FSD and the Freeport community. During my years as a board member, I have held to the belief of putting students and their best interest as our highest priority. I have served on the Board with four superintendents as the District has continued to pursue excellence in education. I believe we are on a great path under the leadership of Dr. Alvarado, and I look for great things to come. Thank you FSD & Freeport for allowing me to serve you.”

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