FSD 145 Substitute Teacher’s Get Pay Raise

Freeport, Illinois – On Tuesday July 19, 2016 the Freeport School District school board approved a pay increase in the daily rate of pay for substitute teachers of FSD 145.

The last time the rate of pay for substitutes was increased was in 2005, eleven years ago. The Board approved, as presented, revisions to Policy 520.12 Professional Personnel – Substitute Teachers to ensure the District is regionally competitive and classrooms are sufficiently staffed with endorsed substitute teachers.


The Superintendent shall have the authority to employ substitute teachers as may be necessary to take the place of teachers who are temporarily absent. Substitutes will be approved for employment by the Board on a regular basis.

A substitute teacher shall hold a valid teaching license, which may be a substitute teacher license.

The School Board shall establish annually a daily rate of pay for substitute teachers. No fringe benefits shall be extended to substitutes.

The substitute teacher shall teach at the daily rate until the eleventh (11) consecutive day of substituting for the same absent teacher and in the same instructional program. On the eleventh (11) day and every consecutive teaching day thereafter, the substitute teacher shall receive an additional sum, as long as the substituting continues to be for the same teacher and in the same instructional program.

Substitute teachers are employed and paid for only days actually worked.  Substitute teachers are not paid for vacation days nor days of illness. A teacher is considered a substitute teacher until a written contract is received covering the assignment.

A substitute teacher with a substitute license may teach for a period of 90 paid school days or 450 paid hours in the District in any one (1) school term. A school day shall be considered as five (5) hours.

A teacher holding a valid teaching license may teach only for a period not to exceed 120 school days.

Contracts may be awarded to substitute teachers when it is evident that the substitute period is going to be for an extended duration during which time the substitute teacher will be assuming full instructional responsibilities.

All arrangements for day to day employment of substitute teachers are to be made by using the District’s substitute calling system.

Only teachers who are on the substitute list as compiled by the Superintendent or designee, may be called for substitute work.

The substitute is to remain on the job until notified of the regular teacher’s intention to return.

The substitute teacher is expected to carry on all assignments of the regular teacher as nearly as possible, including assignments, assessments and grades.   This involves particularly such activities as:

  1. Meeting all class and extra-curricular groups of the absent teacher.
  1. Care and custody of the room and equipment.
  1. Keeping regular school hours for teachers.

The substitute teacher is expected to carry out such incidental assignments as may be made by the school principal.

Each substitute teacher must be certified by the State of Illinois.  This may be a Standard, Provisional or Substitute Certificate.  Teachers holding Substitute Certificates are allowed by law to teach only 90 days in any one school system in any one school year.  A Substitute Certificate is for substitute teaching only and does not license a teacher to take a full-time teaching position.  The teaching certificate must be registered for the current school year with the Regional Office of Education.

Freeport School District No. 145 recognizes the following rate of pay for substitute teachers:


Step 2.


$90 a day for the first 20 days, $100 a day thereafter.

Category C   LONG-TERM SUBSTITUTES (covering maternity leaves, FMLA)

Step 1 for first ten days, base teacher pay thereafter.

Category D   DECADE SUBSTITUTE TEACHER (substitute teacher having substituted in the Freeport District for a minimum of ten days per year for the past consecutive 10 years)

$90 a day for the first 20 days, $100 a day thereafter.

Category E   LONGEVITY SUBSTITUTE (substitute teachers having substituted in the FSD145 district for a minimum of twenty days per year for the past consecutive two years)

Step 2.

Category F   LIMITED SUBSTITUTE (90 Day Substitute Certificate)

Step 1, limited to 90 days per academic year.

Teaching Days      Daily Gross                TRS             Base Pay

Step 1             Day 1 – 25                  $85.00                     (-$7.99)       $77.01

Step 2             Day 26 – 75                $90.00                     (-$8.46)       $81.54

Step 3             Day 76+                     $100.00                   (-$9.40)       $90.60

Effective July 1, 2005, the Teachers Retirement System of Illinois recognizes substitute teachers as contributing members which requires a contribution of 9 .4percent (9.4%) of all wages earned paid by the Board of Education.  The Board has, and will continue, to tax shelter this contribution for all substitute teachers employed by the District.

The boards new decision will increase the rate of pay as noted in the 2005 policy to;

Step 1 $100

Step 2 $105

Step 3 $115






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