Green County Revokes Bond In Domestic Abuse Case For Accused Murderer Chad Blaser

MONROE, WISCONSIN — The man arrested and charged in Freeport in the February 1st stabbing death of Gabriel Ann Nicole Petsche has had his bond revoked in a prior Green County domestic abuse case.

Green County case number 2019CF000006 State of Wisconsin vs. Chad Michael Blaser was a domestic abuse case filed against Blaser in January of 2019.

Blaser was ordered a NO CONTACT by the court to stay away from Petsche.  

Blaser was ordered to have no contact with the victim’s residence or a N Waddams Grove Rd home. 

The court also stated at the time that if employed at Stoughton Trailer in Brodhead, Blaser was to have ‘incidental contact only’ with Petsche.

Recent court records from a bail/bond forfeiture hearing on March 1st in Green County read:

“Chad Michael Blaser, defendant does not appear in Court. Defendant has killed victim in this case in Stephenson county, Atty Kohl believes he is in custody there. Court grants motion for bond revocation, warrant was previously issued and is continued.”

On March 6th Green County court records show the court received a phone call from someone in Freeport. The person who called reported that Chad Blaser did not show up for his prior January 31, 2019 court date because he was in the Stephenson County Jail in Freeport, IL, the court record stated.

It was the very next day February 1st, when Blaser was arrested in Freeport for the murder of Gabriel Ann Nicole Petsche.

In a matter of similar concern to the public, Olivia Marcum, sister to Devin Marcum, the man arrested for the murders of Kyle Tucker, Shaun Bradbury and the attempted murder of Michael Steinhauser, was released on bond late last month.

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