Haley’s Story – The Bright 7 Year Old Local Girl Who Struggles With Seizures, Epilepsy, School And Friends And Now She Needs Our Help

benefit-photoIt was a rainy day a few week’s ago when I sat down with little 7 year old Haley Ellis. We met at Krape Park to sit down for an interview with Haley, Haley’s Mom, brother, Aunt and friends.

Haley is a bright and beautiful 7 year old girl who loves Giraffes, the colors pink and black, she loves to sing and dance and for the first 7 years of her life she enjoyed riding her bike, hiking and playing outside like most all children get to enjoy. That all changed recently for little 7 year old Haley. Now, many of the activities she loves to do are unsafe for her to do.

In January of 2015 Haley was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Now, this very active little girl who’s always on the go, ready to tackle life is faced to explore her biggest adventure to date; a life with Seizures.

Her family has been going to the children’s hospital in Madison on a regular basis. Haley started a 24 hour EEG the results of that being abnormalities in the left side of her brain. Doctors added another medication for Haley that isn’t covered by her insurance. She also needs to get a helmet to protect her head which is also not covered by insurance.

greg and haley and family3On October 17, 2015 at Rock Hollow Hunt Club, Haley’s mom, brother and family and friends are having a benefit for Haley to help cover these new expenses inured in her care and to help get through the hard times that lie ahead with costs of transportation, medication and a helmet that Haley has to have now.  A Go Fund Me page has also been setup in Haley’s honor. https://www.gofundme.com/3kh93bh9qz4. She’s only received $50.00. Donation buckets are also at Dakota Gas Station and Huron Farmers Market in Eleroy.

The interview below, is Haley’s story.
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