Hey, The Cool People at ‘Baseball King’ Just Made Little Cubs Field Go Viral

Freeport, Illinois — It may be true that if you build it they will come but it sure is more likely that they will come if you have the folks at Baseball King say something about you.

Baseball King is a branding outlet with an array of baseball related products and part of Ballplayer Network, a Sports media company, according to their website. Baseball King brings the baseball community together with an authentic experience through their unique products and content.

Recently they shared a little tidbit of information with their viewers about Freeport’s Little Cubs Field.


Nearly 5,000 likes later and about 2,000 shares later, the verdict looks like a lot more people will be traveling to Freeport to see this one of a kind gem of our city.

Here’s what some people were saying;

“we have to go here when we go see the cubbies play this summer!”

“talk about bad ass”

“I want”

“pretty sweet place”

“I’d totally go yard here.”

“we need to find this place”

“we need to play here”

“tell me this wouldn’t be dope”

And it went on…

“We need to reserve this for a wiffleball game”

“let’s get a throwback game of wiffle ball going here”

“we have to find a way to play here”

“once again… this page will make it so I never vacation anywhere other than baseball fields”

“How badass would this be.”

“check this out. Pretty cool even for the Cubs”

“I want to see it!!”

“That’s so cool”

“It will be 100 years before anyone wins a championship there.”

Thanks Baseball King for showing some love to our Little Cubs Field in Freeport. To any Baseball King followers out there, we invite you to come check out the field. It’s worth the trip and the field is way cooler in person. Plus, we always love meeting new baseball fans.

If you haven’t yet taken a second to LIKE Baseball King, their Facebook is page below. Go give em a like and show some love from Freeport on their Little Cubs Field post.

If you would like more information about Little Cubs Field, you can visit the field’s website here.  You can also find additional articles and videos about the field by searching this website here.

Thanks for showcasing our little (cubs) field of dreams.



Visit https://www.bsbking.com/


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