How Freeportians Put An Extra $373,000 Cash In Their Pockets In October 2017

Freeport, Illinois — If high-definition graphics, pop culture themes, bonus rounds and even team play get you excited, you might be happy to learn that Freeportians have put an extra $373,674 in their pockets in the month of October.

Many people enjoy slot machines for their ease of use and exciting possibilities. We talk to them and we pet them. We rub charms over the machine, cover the screen during a bonus round and everyone has a special way, unique and secret to them, as to how they push the spin button. We’ll even rub the bald guys head next to us for good luck when we play them.

Each spin is like the lottery and our minds are totally engaged in the process of winning. Winning is exactly what people have been doing too at Full House Gaming and Slots in Freeport, Illinois.

Owners tell us that so far just for the 2017 year alone, a total of $3.8 million dollars has been won by local folks at their gaming house located at 534 N Henderson Rd.  That means on an average day at Full House Gaming people are winning over $12,000.

That’s $12,000 in people’s pockets each and every day.

While certainly not everyone is a winner, these are hard numbers of real cash being won. In fact, one player took away $3,900 in October playing the machines at Full House Gaming.

Slot machines provide people with a sense of safety and certainty, according to MIT grad Natasha Dow Schull. Schull spent fifteen years conducting ethnographic research in casinos, gambling industry conventions, and Gamblers Anonymous meetings in Las Vegas.

“When gamblers play, they’re going into a zone that feels comfortable and safe. You’re not playing to win, you’re playing to stay in the zone— a zone where all of your daily worries, your bodily pains, your anxieties about money and time and relationships, fall away.”

It’s a comfort zone where even though there are people around, it’s still very anonymous. You set yourself up alone in a machine-like pod and everything blurs away—the other people are just a kind of necessary background and it’s just you and the machine.

One of nice things about Full House Gaming and Slots in Freeport is they, like a casino in a way, offer freebies such as snacks, drinks and they now have FREE pizza slices all players get to enjoy while they’re playing. In this case you get the best of both worlds.

You have the chance to walk away with some extra cash, and even if you don’t win that particular night, your trip playing the machines might not cost you anymore than a regular meal would if you went out to eat. At least you don’t walk away hungry.

Good things happen when you are having fun so if you are not having fun playing, we suggest that you don’t force it. Don’t forget that slots are entertainment and its purpose is to let you have fun, so if you are not having fun, you don’t have to play. Playing slots for real money is much more fun when you go in with a winning slots strategy.

Good luck!


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