Jada Veer Breaks 25 Year Swimming Record – Takes 1st In State

Freeport, Illinois — 1ST PLACE IN STATE – ANOTHER 25 YEAR RECORD BROKEN: Great news coming out of the 2018 Long Course Summer State Championship in Pleasant Prairie tonight, as we’ve just learned that 10 year old Jada Veer has placed first in state in the 400 Freestyle Stroke and – she’s broken another 25 year old record. 🙂

This weekend Myah Mathews Age 11, and Jada Veer Age 10, both Freeport residents, headed to Pleasant Prairie to represent FAST and to compete in the 2018 Long Course Summer State Championship. Both girls are very proficient in the butterfly stroke, and enjoy distance swims.

Jada broke two FAST Team records over the weekend along with making State Championship for First Place in the 400 Freestyle Stroke. Her seed time was placed in 9th, with a 5.32.00, and her final time was a 5.11.00 in 1st place.

Jada broke a previous 25 year old FAST record back in March of this year.


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