Johnson Family Make Historic Trip to USBC Nationals in Vegas

Freeport, Illinois — Jeff Johnson, owner of the historic 4 Seasons Bowling Center in Freeport, Illinois has had a date circled on his calendar for a long time before today. It’s a date where two major events happen for the Johnson family.

One is when they all get ready to hit the lanes in Las Vegas for the USBC Nationals and the other — the Vegas event will be the first time all the “Johnson Boys” will be bowling together.

The USBC Open Championships widely is recognized as the largest participatory sporting event in the world. Consisting of team, doubles, singles and optional all-events competition, the Open Championships is held in an arena or convention-center setting each year. This year, the event is being held in Las Vegas, NV.

When we spoke with Jeff Johnson he told us this is the elite tournament for USBC bowlers. Over 10,000 teams will attempt to win “the Eagle” in Las Vegas at the USBC Open Championships. This year, we have 4 teams from Freeport headed west to bowl… some for “fun”, some to “win”.

“I have been going for 25 years and this one, by far, means the most. Bowling and competing with both my kids is special and something that I enjoy more than anything. I think they feel the same way.”

In addition, Jeff added, “they are both very talented bowlers so as long as they hold up this old man, I think we always have a shot to win… whatever the location, venue, or event.”

Jeff says while only a few days of bowling, there will be plenty of travel time on their trip as well. “We will be back… rested… and we will be re-charged to “start again” he says.

“We will shoe them up and see what they have on Sunday and Monday in Vegas!”



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