Mahoney & Hauser Call It Quits

Freeport, Illinois — In an announcement made earlier by the firm, Rick Hauser and Tim Mahoney announced that the law firm of Mahoney and Hauser has ended as of December 31st 2016.

The announcement stated that the Attorneys will continue to practice law in the Freeport area, adding that Rick Hauser will now have his own practice within the city.

Attorney Hauser will be located at 524 W. Stephenson Street.

Tim Mahoney, the announcement said will be in the same location the firm was located at previously.

That location is the 3rd floor of the Stewart Center.

Attorney Mahoney also announced his new firm of Mahoney & Mahoney, with his father P. Michael Mahoney.

Attorney Rick Hauser’s phone number will now be 815-235-1515.

The phone number for the law office of Mahoney & Mahoney will be 815-656-4600.


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