Man Dies From Being Crushed Between Two Semis At Orchard Hills Landfill

Ogle County, Illinois — A man was found dead this morning after what appears to be an accident involving two semis at Orchard Hills Landfill in Davis Junction.

Forty eight-year-old John E. Overstreet was pronounced dead at the scene after a semi-tractor parked in front of another semi-tractor began moving forward, pinning Overstreet. The driver of the second semi-tractor was identified as 55-year-old Dariusz Achramowicz of Elmwood Park, Illinois.

Reports say once Achramowicz noticed his vehicle moving, he was unable to stop it before it ran into Overstreet, pinning him in between the semi and the trailer.

Back in March of this year Sumire Negishi, wife of Ei-ichi Negishi, a Nobel Prize-winning chemistry professor from Purdue University, lost her life when their car got stuck in a ditch at the Orchard Hills Landfill.

The investigation into Overstreet’s death is ongoing at this time.




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