Meet The Stephenson County Students Named 2018-19 ISAC State Scholars

Stephenson County, Illinois — The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) recently named the 2018-2019  State Scholars in honor of their outstanding academic achievement.

The State Scholar Program recognizes students attending approved high schools and provides honorary recognition with no monetary award. ISAC states that approximately the top ten percent of graduates from approved high schools are announced as State Scholars each year.

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission is pleased to recognize these Illinois high school students who have been named 2018-19 State Scholars.  Scholars are listed alphabetically under the high school they attend.

The school and student names are listed below.

  • Aquin Catholic High School
  • Dakota High School
  • Freeport High School
  • Lena Winslow High School
  • Orangeville High School
  • Pearl City High School

Aquin Catholic High School
Fellers, Mary
James, Georgia
Koch, Kiersten
Martin, Cassandra
Smith, Sedona

Dakota High School
Bordner, Kyle
Buck, Ashley
Elmer, Cassidy
Lee, Jared
Pals, Alanna
Welling, Derek

Freeport High School
Arnoult, Jonathan
Coon, Madison
Deal, Hunter
Giuffre, Caroline
Graves, Travis
Hasken, Allison
Heiden, Sara
Julius, Elizabeth
Luecke, Grant
McIlwain, Katelynn
Morgan, Abigail
Mueller, Philip
Noble, Katherine
Ohrtmann, Sydney
Redmore, Ella
Rials, Daniel
Schiffman, Bryn
Skarlupka, Jenna
Thompson, Emma
Watson, Noah
Woods, Tegan

Lena Winslow High School
Bidlingmaier, Grace
Broge, Kenneth
Gobeli, Samantha
Lake, Asa
Madigan, Amber
Scace, Madison

Orangeville High School
Riemer, Mckenzie

Pearl City High School
Niehaus, Kayla
Werkheiser, Matthew

Congratulations to all students honored this year.

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