More Shots Fired In Freeport, This Time On Freeport’s South Edge of Town

Freeport, Illinois — At approximately 2:00 a.m. this past Saturday morning another shots fired incident was reported in Freeport. According to reports we’ve obtained, around 7 shots are said to have been fired in the Southwest Plaza parking lot where Save A Lot, Dollar Tree and Logan’s are located.

While there were no injuries or damages reported, according to the Journal Standard, a few people are said to have stated later on that their vehicles were struck by gunfire. The article that appeared in the Journal Standard seems to state that there were shots fired at Logan’s Bar & Grill, however we cannot confirm that. The article also states that several 9-mm shell casings were found, but it doesn’t say where exactly.

We spoke with Michele Magee, owner of Logan’s Bar & Grill who said that as of today, she has not been contacted by the police.

“We do not have bullet holes. They did not shoot at our building”, Magee told us.

“There were shots in the parking lot close to the highway” she said. “Closer to All American Cleaning closer to Taco Bell if you measure the distance with a tape measure.”

No suspects have been identified and police are still investigating the incident.


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