Moring Disposal Revised Curbside Collection Guidelines Starting September 30, 2019

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — Moring Disposal and the city of Freeport have agreed to provide the citizens of the city carts (toters) for their waste recycling. Below are corrections made to the original mailing sent out last week including the revised program guidelines.

Please note these corrections on the Moring Disposal mailing that was sent last week regarding the new toter program. Trash pickup will continue weekly and recycling will be every other week according to map (below) with the following exceptions:

  • The “Wed – B” section that is east of S. West Ave. on the north side of town will use the “Thurs – A” schedule.
  • The “Wed – A” section furthest west on the map (Revere, Middlebury, Bedford area) will follow the “Wed – B” schedule.
  • Residents on Marvin Ln. and Barberry Cir. will have trash collected on Fridays and will follow the “Friday – A” schedule.

The sticker program has been entirely discontinued.  Yard waste collection will remain on Wednesdays this season for those signed up.


• Recycling toters with tan lids may be set out every other week the night before your pick up day according to the schedule below. Recyclable items can be loose and co-mingled together in your recycling toter.

• Please do not dispose of plastic bags, Styrofoam, and blister packaging. These are not recyclable and should be set out with your trash.

• All recycled items in your toter must be empty and free of food, drink, or any residue. Larger items should be broken down so that they can be easily dumped out of the toter. Labels do not have to be removed.


Tin & Aluminum: Cans, formed aluminum and tin containers including old pie and cake tins. Place lids inside of cans.


Glass Jars & Bottles only: laundry detergent containers, soda bottles, mason jars, etc.


Plastic Jugs and bottles: Containers with numbers 1 or 2 on the bottom (Except blister packaging).


  • Newsprint: All newsprint is acceptable.
  • Junk Mail: Includes envelopes, fliers, brochures, advertisements, old papers, white & colored papers.
  • Other Paper Items: Catalogs, magazines, phone books, soft cover books (hard cover books need covers removed).
  • Brown Kraft Paper Bags: Grocery and shopping bags, etc.
  • Corrugated (Cardboard Boxes): Printer paper boxes, shipping boxes, etc.
  • Other Cardboard: Boxes from food products, clothing, shoe boxes, toy & game boxes, beverage cartons, etc.



Trash toters with chocolate brown lids must be set out the night before your pick up day each week or no later than 4:30 a.m. on your pick up day and taken back from the curb by 5:00 p.m. Trash collection days will remain the same as the previous program.

All trash must be contained in the 95 gallon toter. No additional bags will be taken and stickers are no longer accepted. After the program starts, stickers may be returned to stores that previously sold them or the Freeport Recycling Center.


All pick up is delayed one day when these holidays fall on a weekday that is on or before your normal day.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Independence Day
  • Christmas Day

Bagging your items (especially perishable items) whenever possible will keep toters clean and prevent blowing of loose material on windy days.


Lids should be closed upon arrival of the garbage truck.

Toters should be set with the number facing the street and the lid closed. There will be no alley collection.

The trash toter should be placed on one side of the drive with the recycling toter on the opposite side or at least 5
feet apart.

Streets with curbs and gutters should place the toter in the road 8-12 inches out from the curb.

Toter access should be unobstructed. In cases where vehicles are parked in the roadway, toters must be set out even with the driver’s side edge of the vehicle and placed at least 5 feet away from vehicles.


Residents should call Moring Disposal to sign up. Payment each season includes weekly service and rental of one 65 gallon landscape toter.

Yard waste needs to be placed ONLY in the provided toters. Landscape bags, cans, bundles or any other containers besides the supplied toters are prohibited.

Additional toters may be rented and pre-paid for each season.

Yard Waste Schedule:

Weekly collection will be on Wednesdays from mid April through mid November, weather permitting.

Residents should place yard waste at the curb by 4:30a.m. Any yard waste placed at the curb after the truck has gone by will not be picked up until the following week’s collection day.


Electronic items:

Small and large electronics are no longer accepted at Illinois landfills. Please visit our website and click our e-recycling link.

Bulky Waste Service:

Single furniture items and items that do not easily fit in the 95 gallon trash toter are considered bulky waste.

Bulky waste excludes: electronics, TV antennas, construction and remodeling material, landscape timbers, old car parts, etc. Residents should contact Moring Disposal to make arrangements for collection and charges may apply.

Residents are encouraged to seek scrap metal dealers for recycling metal items.

Major Appliances (White Goods):

Residents can contact Moring Disposal to make arrangements for appliance collection and charges may apply.

Refrigeration units must have Freon removed with a certification from a licensed technician attached prior to pick up.

Construction/Demolition Debris:

Material from construction and remodeling (including toilets, carpet, wood, drywall, rock, brick, dirt, etc.) are not included with the weekly curbside collection even in small amounts and therefore, need specific arrangements for collection. Residents requiring pick up of this material can contact Moring Disposal for container sizes, pricing and availability.

Household hazardous waste:

Residents should look for county sponsored programs, which are held periodically.

Please note that if your property is on a border street between sections, the dividing line goes down the middle of the street. Therefore, whichever side of the street the residence is on it will be included in that section’s pick up.

moring updated toter guidelines

Questions can be directed to: Moring Disposal (815) 233-9216. View the original PDF document here.

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  • September 27, 2019 at 10:38 pm

    I was wondering why Moring bins were delivered to the 800 block of american st. The house on the corner next to the city cemetery on prairie. I thought we had Gills as our trash pickup. Did the map change now, it looks like we are included in the Moring pickup now. This needs to be clarified, do we still have Gills or not. Is Burchard st the cut off for Gills and then Moring starts on the other side of the street going west.

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