Multi-Purpose Track Moving Forward With New Source of Revenue

Freeport, Illinois –  Last year a group of locals got together and formed Shifting Gears. Shifting Gears is an effort to bring a multi-purpose track, a complete facility for race cars, motorcycles, BMX, monster trucks, 4 wheelers, snowmobiles, tractor pulls and go-carts to Freeport and the surrounding communities.

With the suggested location being within Silver Creek Township, the group discovered a problem early on that could have dampened the whole plan down.

That discovery was that Silver Creek Township was a prohibition township. No sales of alcohol.

In November citizens voted on a referendum to remove prohibition in the township. A vote that subsequently voted down prohibition allowing now for the sales of alcohol.

With that new breath of life, the group announced earlier today that with this newly available source of revenue for the Township, that a greater benefit to investors now existed. One they plan on pursuing now vigorously.

The group announced that they now plan on seeking out those investors and moving the multi-purpose track forward.

We’ll keep you posted on further developments.



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