New Effort Started To Bring Back Freeport’s Rich Music Scene

Freeport – If you have lived in Freeport for some time and are old enough to remember the 60’s through the 80”s in town, then you will most likely recall a time when the music scene in Freeport was a pretty diverse array of bands, artists and musicians. From music stores to record labels to lots of places to play, the “behind the scenes” truth to our little peaceful town of Freeport is there are a lot of really great musicians who have come from here.

One local effort started hopes to revive that music scene and give artists and fans an opportunity to enjoy a music scene in Freeport again.

It’s a new Event to help launch new Bands or Musicians on stage“, says Debra Green of Black Diamond Music Studio & Sales.  “Our first event is called Take The Stage and it’s Friday January 8 at Locan’s Bar & Grill featuring two bands, one just starting and one established“, she told us.

Debra says she wants local bands and artists to get exposure and possibly draw enough good attention to get hired for a Saturday show.  “Hopefully there will be many different people observing the local music community” she says – and as far as a variety, Freeport is full of underground bands, artists and talent that as whole, the people of Freeport have no idea is even here.

In our time in Freeport, we believe there are more bands and artists today then there were “back in the day”.  So many people in Freeport now play some instrument, or sing. There are so many more guitar players, drummers, bassists in Freeport that either don’t have a band, are looking for people to play with, or have a band but they play in regional cities such as Rockford, Dekalb, Madison and even Chicago. Even our local venues that do offer live music often find bands outside the area to come play here locally. Debra says she hopes to change that.

Black Diamond Music Studio & Sales is music store located in Freeport, Illinois that is geared towards Musicians and Bands needs. They carry in stock gently used Guitars, Amps, Drums and Accessories and their secret gem, a high end recording studio available to artists and band to record. If you’re a local band, artist, musician or interested in helping support this effort to revive Freeport’s music scene, contact Mark or Deb at 815-233-0118 and come out to Logan’s this Friday night where the night kicks off with two acts, Take the Stage w Chuck Veer and Jeff Goins band Big Dirty.

What do you think of Freeport’s Music Scene and what ideas do you have to help revive it? Chime in.

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