Freeport’s New City Hall, Former Carnegie Library Vandalized

Freeport, Illinois — You would think in today’s day of technology people would figure out that odds are, everywhere you go you are being video taped. That especially should ring true in case you ever decide to, oh say go into City Hall and vandalize it.

Well, it appears one pair may have forgotten the day and age we live in because according to the City of Freeport that’s just what the below couple is suspected of doing.

Vandalizing our City Hall.  A building giving to us by Andrew Carnegie. It was a library where kids learned stuff and read books.

While we’re not sure what the extent of any damage might be and we have no idea if the two below had anything to do with it or not, the city of Freeport is looking for them and they’d really like it if you’d contact the Freeport Police Department at 815-235-8222 if you recognize them or know who they are.

Can’t imagine what it must feel like to have the “whole city” looking for you, but it can’t be good.

city hall break in 4

city hall break in 3

city hall break in 2

city hall break in

On October 6, 2017, City Hall was vandalized. If you recognize either of these persons of interest, please contact the Freeport Police Department at 815-235-8222.

Posted by City of Freeport IL – City Hall on Thursday, October 12, 2017


Photos, City of Freeport City Hall, (edited)

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