Pearl City Students Kickoff The School Year With These Fun Educational Activities

Pearl City, Illinois — School has started once again and students from all over Stephenson County are hitting the books hard, kicking off another great school year ahead.

Families from Pearl City Kindergarten are enjoying Kindergarten Boot Camp where they get tools to use at home to help build their child’s reading skills the first day of school. The activities were sponsored by the All Our Kids Early Childhood Networks.

Mrs. Visel’s class at Pearl City School studied the scientific method.

Their hands-on task was to build a spaghetti tower using 15 raw spaghetti noodles and 1 meter of masking tape. This STEM activity had minimal directions in order that the students could collaborate. Partners tackled the problem using a variety of strategies to build their structures. They came up with many different ways to resolve their dilemma. Some worked and others failed, but the students persevered through it all and had fun learning at the same time.

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