Police Say $100 Bill Scammers Now Scammed The Girl Scouts, More Bills In Freeport Recovered

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — Freeport Police say that just yesterday alone the department received eleven of the fake $100 bills that are currently circulating throughout Freeport as part of a recent series of scams. Police state they are still receiving calls today for these bogus bills, and that the suspects had even passed their fake money to the Girl Scouts, who were selling cookies in front of a grocery store on Sunday. The suspects reportedly purchased four boxes of cookies.

Police shared a photo of what one of the $100 bills looks like.


Police say the easiest way to detect these bogus bills is to hold it up to a light source and compare the large picture of Benjamin Franklin on the front of the note to the hologram picture on the right side of the bill. If the pictures do not match the bill is counterfeit.

“In this case since the bills are bleached $10 notes the hologram picture on the right will depict Alexander Hamilton. Also, while holding the bill up to a light source look for the thin vertical security strip and the denomination of the bill will be listed there.”

Police also say another way to check a bill to see if it is authentic or counterfeit is to illuminate the thin vertical security strip with a UV light source. When illuminated by UV light, the security strip in each bill glows a different color. The color chart is as follows:

$5 glows blue
$10 glows orange
$20 glows green
$50 glows yellow
$100 glows red

The counterfeit $100 bills that are being used are bleached $10 bills that have been altered to look like a $100 bill. As a result, this faux money will pass the counterfeit detector pen test used by many businesses.

Freeport Police say they are actively investigating these cases.

See also this report from yesterday.


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