Porsche Club of America Makes Stop at the Lena Drive Inn

Lena, Illinois –  A group of about one hundred Porsche lovers from the Porsche Club Of America filled the Lena Drive Inn in Lena, Illinois last week.

As part of a Fall Driving Tour, the Lena Drive Inn hosted 61 Porsche vehicles traveling from the Egg Yolk Café on Rt. 59 in West Chicago to Galena as part of their Chicago to Galena tour.

14677843_1789252854697727_1162548219_oOn October 14 the group met for breakfast at 9:00 a.m. at the Egg Yolk Café on Rt. 59 in West Chicago and then departed on a scenic drive over a combination of highways and back roads until they reached Galena.

One of their chosen routes was on Stage Coach Trail where the group then had lunch at our legendary Lena Drive Inn to add to their Fall Tour experience.

Staff at the Drive Inn said it was an amazing sight to see.

Long before the drive-thru was the drive-in. The drive-in (like Lena, Illinois’ Lena Drive Inn) was a type of restaurant where customers ate their meals on the premises without leaving their cars.

The drive-in concept was first popularized by a Texas chain of eateries called the Pig Stand, whose first drive-in opened on a highway connecting Dallas and Fort Worth in 1921.

Customers would pull in to the parking lot and be immediately greeted by 14689089_1789252918031054_1937980776_ocarhops, combination waiter-busboys who served burgers and fries on trays that clipped on to the car’s window, exactly how the Lena Drive Inn does it to this day.

After lunch at the Drive Inn the group said they continued on the back roads to Chestnut Mountain Resort.

As part of their trip the group says they did a caravan South along the Mississippi River and after crossing the river visited a winery. They stopped for lunch Saturday at the Offshore Bar and Grill in Bellevue, IA.

After lunch they headed North eventually crossing back to Illinois near Galena again.

The group said on Saturday evening they dined at the Chestnut Mountain Resort as they looked out over the fall foliage and the magnificent river and watch the sun set!

Photos by Rodney Boss

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