RAMP Shares This Is It Eatery Success Story

Freeport, Illinois — There are many people with disabilities in our city and within our region. Not all public places accommodate them though.

As a result of a recent collaboration between RAMP, the city of Freeport and one local business This Is It Eatery, a ramp was installed at the end of last summer at This Is It’s downtown restaurant.

The staff at RAMP recently publicly announced their thanks to ThisIsit Eatery and the City of Freeport for collaborating with them on this project that helps people access our local places, even if they face disabilities.

“We are happy to see that there is a ramp to the entrance of the building so that individuals with disabilities will have an opportunity to try the food”, RAMP stated.

We encourage you to visit This Is It Eatery and join them for lunch or dinner. And if you know anyone with a disability, make sure you let them know that there’s a local downtown favorite that they can now enjoy as well.


Advocacy Success Story!!

We at RAMP would like to thank ThisIsit Eatery and the City of Freeport for collaborating…

Posted by RAMP on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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