Remember Troy? Say Hi To Troy’s Sister – The 2nd Foster Child To Find A Home With One Local Family

Troy and Mom Christy all ready for a dance date
Troy and Mom Christy all ready for a dance date

Freeport – On December 17th last year we brought you the heartwarming story of Troy, the baby boy (now three) who had been placed in foster care as an infant and like so many before him, was faced to live an unknown future at the hands of circumstances completely beyond his control. Unknown that was, until the Jacobs family came along.

On December 15, 2015, after nearly three years of never knowing if Troy would become a permanent member of the family or be returned to his biological parents, Troy was granted his forever family in the Jacobs family home right here in Freeport which is made up of Derek (Dad), Christy (Mom) and Christian Jacobs, who is their biological son.

Since that day the Jacob’s clan hasn’t been happier. Well, not happier than until recently anyway.

Those of you who read our previous story may recall that while the beauty of Troy’s story could have all stopped at the end of our article and never sacrificed a happy ending in the least, the story of the Jacob’s family is one that was going to continue for many years to come.

Not only because Troy Jacobs now had in his sights a bright future with a family that “as one” loves him equally, but because the Jacobs didn’t stop with just Troy. In fact, they didn’t stop with Troy in the least.

jacobs-family-adoption-girl2Meet Nala.

Nala is one of two girls, an eight month old and a year and a half old who are sisters, who both came home with the Jacobs straight from the hospital. On March 10th, 2016, seven hundred and five days after being carried through the family home for the first time, Nala sealed the same fate as her older brother Troy as she was officially welcomed into the Jacob’s household for good.  Nala’s forever family became a dream come true.

Her adoption was finally granted.

The family said that Nala was born at just over 3 pounds and went through several surgeries during her time with them. “She had to spend the first 4 months in the hospital and came home with a feeding tube“, Nala’s Dad Derek told us.  He added, “Today, you would never know it because she is all over the place and very independent“. Christy added, “She is such an amazing little girl. We love her so much“.

Christy told us that one of their family’s big hurdles in the decision to become foster parents, was the “high chance that the kids would end up going back after you already have that attachment” she explained.  When you’re a foster parent, part of the foster parent role comes with the knowledge that the first priority is to re-place the child back with the biological parents, when possible.

jacobs-family-adoption-girl6The personal sufferings however of reaching out to another child in need took a back seat in the Jacob’s priority to lend their loving home and personal care to benefit a child who needed love. Despite a very emotional few years with uncertainty, the Jacobs family tells us it was all worth it.

So now, what could have so easily been another story of missed birthday’s, smiles gone un-noticed and dreams and hopes that might have been snuffed out for lack of care, today a new path for one little Freeport girl has been forever altered.

Every birthday that was in question, every smile that may have been missed, every proud A or B that might have been overlooked along with every cough or sniffle that may have gone un-cared for, will now be met with a love and warmth that can only come from the family who loves you. Today, Nala has that and more in a family to call her very own.

Once again the spirit of humanity, the spirit of giving, the spirit of Freeport has made its face known and is here again to show us the awesome power of that funny little thing called, love.  A story we have a feeling, isn’t quite done with happy endings. As we delight in yet another story from an incredible local family, we can’t wait to report on all the wonderful things Nala and her older brother Troy might have in store for the world themselves.

Congratulations to all the members of the Jacobs family. May you forever find peace, love and warmth in this precious gift that has been given to you all. God bless.

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