Secretary of State’s Office Announces No More License Plate Sticker Renewal Notices

illinois-license-plateSPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Guess what you’re soon to get less of? One piece of mail.

On Monday, the Secretary of State’s Office announced that the ongoing budget stalemate is forcing them to cut back on postage costs.  The office will no longer send out license plate sticker renewal notices. By not mailing out notices, the Secretary of State’s Office will save $450,000 dollars each month.


If you still want to receive a notice, you can get one through email by signing up on the Secretary of State’s website

We here are Freeport News Network think we should entirely ban the entire sticker thing anyway. You pay for your vehicle, you buy license plates, what on god’s earth do we need a “sticker” for. It’s just another way for the states to make money that they only end up mis-using anyway.

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