Shopko Pharmacy in Freeport Closes For Good, Here’s Why

If you are a Shopko pharmacy customer you may be surprised to learn when you go to have your prescription filled that the Freeport Shopko pharmacy is now closed, permanently. Many residents have been experiencing frustration as they’ve attempted to reach the company.

January 2 at 7:21 PM – “Shopko pharmacy closing tomorrow ! Would of been nice to know!!”

January 4 at 6:43 PM – “Very pissed off to find out CVS pharmacy bought out Shopko pharmacy in Freeport, Illinois. Yesterday morning I called, same as I do every month, did my automated refill, my husband went to pick up medication yesterday, only to find out, they’re closed and were bought out by CVS. The price of my medication has now doubled.”

We called the Freeport Shopko this morning at the number (815) 232-2724 and sat on hold, with an automated message thanking us for our patience while holding, for 20 minutes. When we called CVS their automated answering system greeted us as a former Shopko pharmacy customer saying, “if you are a former Shopko pharmacy customer, please see one of our staff at 721 W South St.”. (We presume this is the same for both locations, however we didn’t call the CVS Pharmacy located at 1535 W Galena Ave. in Freeport.

So why the close?

A pharmaceutical company filed a complaint against Shopko in attempt to retrieve more than $67 million owed by the Ashwaubenon-based retailer.

McKesson Corporation, based in San Francisco, filed the complaint Jan. 4 in Brown County Circuit Court.

McKesson is the primary supplier of pharmaceuticals, health and beauty care products to Shopko stores.

Court documents obtained by Action 2 News show Shopko owes $67,265,343.24 to McKesson for products supplied to the retailer.

The complaint states that Shopko made misrepresentations “regarding its solvency” and ability to pay for products it purchased from McKesson. In December, McKesson stated that it read news reports that Shopko was preparing to file for bankruptcy.

On Dec. 31, McKesson contacted Shopko. Representatives for Shopko said the retailer would not be able to pay for the products it had received.

In documents filed on Jan. 4, McKesson asked a Brown County Judge to grant a temporary restraining order against Shopko and force the retailer to return all unpaid for products to McKesson.

It also asked the judge to enter a judgement against Shopko for the $67 million and other fees and costs.

Shopko told he judge that an injunction ordering the return of the products would “jeopardize public health and welfare without any legal or factual support whatsoever.”

Attorneys for the retailer say it would force Shopko to remove millions of dollars of prescription drugs from its shelves and take away life-saving drugs from customers.

Shopko Pharmacies are closing everywhere.

Racine’s Shopko pharmacy now closed. The pharmacy at Shopko, 4801 Washington Ave., closed at 4 p.m. Tuesday, according to the store’s website. It is one 42 pharmacies, including the one in Kenosha and 23 others in Wisconsin, that closed after Cincinnati-based Kroger Company purchased pharmacy records from Green Bay-based Shopko last year.

The pharmacy inside St. Cloud’s Shopko East store, 510 U.S. Highway 10 SE, has closed. A recording on the store’s pharmacy phone line said effective Jan. 4, all prescriptions and prescription records will be available at CVS Pharmacy.

Thrifty White Pharmacy has announced that it will be purchasing the prescription files from the Shopko Hometown Pharmacy in Morris, Minnesota. According to a press release from Thrifty White Pharmacy’s corporate office in Plymouth, the Morris Shopko Hometown Pharmacy will close on Wednesday, January 16, at 4:00 p.m.

In the end, Judge William Atkinson sided with Shopko on the temporary injunction.

“Court finds significant community health issues would arise if TRO [Temporary Restraining Order] was granted. Court denies motion for TRO,” reads Atinkson’s order.

A future court hearing in this case is scheduled for Jan. 24.

We have no word as to the future of the Shopko stores. As of this writing, the Freeport store, (not pharmacy) is still open. The general merchandise chain is owned by Sun Capital Partners Inc.



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