Sometimes It Pays To Be A Dick

It may seem mildly inappropriate to say this but he kind of comes off as a Dick at times.

His name is, after all, Richard, so saying Richard comes off as a Dick sometimes isn’t all that far off, if you think about it.

But even Dicks can have a good heart you know. Sometimes, they have bigger hearts than those who aren’t Dicks.

Maybe it pays to be a Dick sometimes.

That’s because this particular Dick, who goes by the name Richard Dolan, did something pretty cool and spectacular yesterday in Freeport.

He bought dinner.

For everyone.

Knowing people are hurting right now and may not have a lot of funds due to job loss, last night Dolan asked his friends if they were struggling and if they could use a free dinner, on him. “Message me your address, dinner is on me tonight”, Dolan wrote on his Facebook page yesterday evening.

He told them not to feel embarrassed by messaging him either.

“I know EXACTLY how it feels to struggle”, he wrote.

Then, Dolan got out his wallet, called Cimino’s in Freeport and then Logan’s in Freeport, two of our personal favorite places, and proceeded to buy 14 pizzas (7 pizzas from each place) which he then drove around town and personally delivered, for free, to friends and family who could use a little extra help from a friend.

He bought and delivered them dinner.

In a time when emotions are high and everyone is tense and frustrated, it is nice to see people paying it forward to random strangers in the community they live in.

People who can do, are doing, and those able to help, are helping in a lot of ways.

Maybe it just goes to show that not everyone you think is a Dick, is actually a Dick. Or maybe it means that sometimes, it pays to know a Dick.

Either way, the crisis brings fighting and division among so many people, that all you have to do is a take a trip through social media to see how badly some are not getting along.

So many people are fighting and hurting today.

What Dolan did for others yesterday sets a different precedence. It sends a different message of a not so common dialogue that says ‘others matter‘.

And they do matter.

Maybe, there is a little heart inside each of us.

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