State Champs – Major Dedmond And Andrew Wenzel Walk Away With State Champ Titles

FREEPORT, ILLIOIS — This weekend Freeport’s Major Dedmond and Dakota’s Andrew Wenzel Walked Away With State Champ Titles. They headed to State this weekend for the Individual State Tournament in Champaign, Illinois.

Dakota also had five wrestlers in the finals – the most from any school. Maddux Blakely, Connor Elmer, Lucas Sutherland, Caleb Alber and Andrew Wenzel.

Freeport’s team consisted of Markel Baker, Keondre Jackson, Major Dedmond, Matthew Chavers and Isaiah Batteast. Here’s footage from Dedmond’s victory and from the coming home celebration.

We were told Ethan Doty of Eastland/West Carroll coop also came in 1st place.


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Deontae Collier Sr. wrote of Major Dedmond;

“I never seen him tear a teammate down to build himself up, he’s someone that leads by example, someone who can not only give someone direction, but can take it as he gives it.

Black History, is not only Black History, but FREEPORT History. A father’s dream is for his son to do better than he did, go farther than he did, and go higher than he did all while pushing him to be his own person and not walk in the footsteps of their dad.

People look at his athleticism, and boy does he have some God given talent, but he is a definition of a TRUE student athlete. He is smart, is respectful, and very humble and now it’s his season to be exalted.

Went 35-1 this year, 8th grade champion, 3rd place State placer as a sophomore, 6th place as a Junior
3x regional champ, 3x conference champ, 3x Sectional champ. I believe he went 11-1 the summer of 2017 wrestling at two major national tournaments in Virginia and Florida becoming an ALL AMERICAN one of the top wrestlers in his weight class in the entire country.

No one seen the early mornings he was up running miles, no one seen what he did in secret and behind closed doors, hard work, dedication, sweat and tears for the world to know him as Class 2A 170lbs state wrestling CHAMP! Everyone may be looking around for John Cena, but our CHAMP IS HERE!!! Right here in FREEPORT IL.

We are soooo proud of you for you to win this for yourself, your family, this city on your moms birthday, your senior year, let the celebration begin, continue, and continue for our STATE CHAMP!!!!

Major will go on in life and do Major things, with Major accomplishments, with Major impact, because he is



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