Teacher Update – Conners, And This Time It’s Serious

Freeport, Illinois – What exactly do we have to do to bring your attention to this Freeport High School Teacher?

As most of you know we’ve been reporting the antics of Mr. Tim Conners for nearly a year now. For some reason however, no one wants to take us seriously.

We’ve done articles, shown videos of him and even filmed what we think might have been an imposter receiving his small town big hero award.

In a story we brought you last year we told you how all Mr. Conners’ students absolutely love him. Strike one against Conners because yeah okay, how is that even possible.

A special kool-aid, some magical handshake, his enthusiastic local spirit, we don’t know. Something is happening here though and this time, we’re not laughing. It’s serious.

Serious like game tied in the bottom of the 9th, serious.

What you may not know though is see, Tim, he’s a Cubs fan. Yeah.

Like, the Freeport Cubs Fan. It’s way out of hand.

In some parts of the city they call him Mr. Cub. But don’t say that if he’s anywhere nearby.

We did some digging however and through sources we can’t reveal, discovered a video his  students filmed. We warn you, this is not easy to watch. Family, you may want to sit down.

Here’s what you need to pay close attention to.

See how he changes? Do you see? He’s just not himself, (if that’s even the real him).

Looks to us (and we’re no experts) but it looks like it only happens when the Cubs lose.  We had to watch it few times but seems there’s a pattern here.

During the Freeport Pretzels run for the Comcast Sportsnet Best Mascot contest, if you recall whenever the Pretzels were down, he was like a depressed sad little cub without a home.

We have no choice at this point but to call on family members, neighbors and even the community.

Help him.

If the Cubs don’t win we have no idea what might happen to Freeport High School teacher Tim Conners. But you do know what they say, right?

Encouragement can go a long way. Positive thoughts can change the world. A ‘let’s get em’ can lift the spirits.

So while we keep tabs on this High School teacher that all the kids love, throw up that W.

Go on, get it up there.

Get out your flags, mugs, hats and spray paint and display that W proud all you Freeportians. Maybe, just maybe those Cubs will make it into the World Series and win it all.

But more importantly, with your help you might save a lonely, sad little man of a High School teacher from despair and emptiness. It could be lights out due to rain if we don’t act quickly.

Don’t let Mr. Cub turn into Mr. Vegetable.

Help him find that glimmer of hope, that small light in the dark. Help him see that big blue W in the sky because we all know if we could only be inside his larger than average sized head, we all know we would still find that tiny reason to smile.

A smile, because teachers like Tim Conners (as a result of some mysterious ancient algorithm of numbers only goats can understand) only come around once every one hundred and eight years.

And to be honest, while we love hiding in the bushes and paying off students and family to keep you updated about this Freeport High School teacher, the little guy does kind of grow on you.

So let’s see that spirit and help spread the word to everyone you know. Let’s go Cubbies and hang in there Conners.

Help is on the way but just remember little buddy, win or lose you’re still always a winner to us.


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