That One Article We Wrote Facebook Deleted, Limited Our Audience Over And Demonetized Us For

Well, 2021 is off to a great start. A little sledding, a little sightseeing, a little storming the U.S. Capitol building. Shocking to be a US citizen and think that anyone would ever stand up against their government. At least it’s not your neighbors this time, that’s a relief.

It is odd though to see the sheer number of people who had no problem making excuses for this summer’s violence in cities across America, suddenly having a problem with citizens entering the Capitol building. “F” the police, but that place filled with all those rich and powerful people who control your lives is off limits apparently. Not suggesting either are right at all, but there is quite the difference between entering the Capitol to stand against the government, and storming Uncle Joes Hardware Shop and stealing all his stuff because you hate the police in Minnesota.

And weren’t “we the people” supposed to knock on the government’s door every now and then anyway? Keep them in check and at bay in our lives and pockets? That they were there for “when and if” we needed them to serve and protect us, not “we are required to pay them whether or if we need them or not”? We seem to have sidelined that collective idea for a much stronger influencing drug that causes everyone to just argue amongst each other. It’s too bad. America is a pretty cool place. It still could be if people would just ignore politicians, think for themselves, turn the TV off and go spend time in their community with their fellow citizens and neighbors.

But here we are.

Looking around today, people probably don’t have that kind of inner strength though and aren’t quite strong enough emotionally to handle such a hard task as peace and harmony like that. It’s like those bad relationships you see on Lifetime. They just keep going back to the same old government who cheats on them and brings drama into their life, and they can never figure out why they have so many problems all the time to bitch about. And the only friends they’ll even talk to, just feed them words of poison.

America broke away from a ruling class. If you think that just magically went away over 200 years, and no one cares anymore to get it back, you are a very naive individual. It took an entire human existence to even get to the idea of an America, and in 200+ years its biggest benefactor, the very people who live on its land, will blindly destroy it themselves.

The entire country would have burned to the ground if Trump, the outsider, won. Quite the big difference between that, and a few people walking around the Capitol building sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.

Ideology is the name of this mental game and control is its ultimate prize. Better buckle your seatbelt. This train ride to the magical city of utopia isn’t over. And it’s too bad too, because we’re sitting right next to each other on the train, and we can’t even see one another.

(Now comes the part where everyone fights, argues and yells at each other.)