The 2017 Shannon Homecoming Celebration Offers Something For All Ages

Shannon, Illinois — A celebration held since 1919, the Shannon Homecoming weekend long annual event hold’s what is said to be one of the oldest hometown annual celebrations in the State of Illinois, started to welcome home WWI soldiers.

Music, carnival rides, food, a car show and the regions famous Labor Day Parade are just a few of the events and activities you can enjoy at the Shannon Homecoming event this weekend.

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Shannon Homecoming Queen

Anastasia Matias, daughter of Fred & Francisca Lagos of Shannon and Dante & Christina Matias of Chicago

Tatum Christians, daughter of BillieJo Christians of Shannon

Emily Denekas, daughter of Jeff Denekas of Forreston and Robin Denekas of Shannon

Payton DeMichele, daughter of Jason and Jennifer DeMichele of Shannon

Leah Kuper, daughter of Dean and Lisa Kuper of Shannon

Jordan Miller, daughter of Eric and Cheryl Miller of Shannon

Shannon Little Misses

Kiera Higley daughter of BJ and Stephanie Higley of Lanark

Keara Kaus daughter of Timothy and Sarah Kaus of Shannon

Avery Gempeler daughter of Brian and Amanda Gempeler of Shannon

Kensley Bashaw daughter of Melissa & Mike Medler of Shannon and Jesse Bashaw & Michelle Jensen of Lanark

Chloe Murphy daughter of Eric Murphy and Jessica Armstong of Lanark

Cassidy Blevins daughter of David and Marcie Blevins of Lanark

Audrey Schoeny daughter of Bryan and Chelsea Schoeny of Shannon

Emerson Mlakar daughter of Jason and Cassie Mlakar of Lake Carroll

Carmen Wallace daughter of James and Corrine Wallace of Shannon


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