The Cheese Market Freeport Robbed Saturday Evening

Freeport, Illinois — It takes a special kind of rotten to take things that don’t belong to you and while robbing anyone is not cool in the least, robbing a small Mom and Pop store, (literally) run by local people in your own town, is just pathetic.

The Cheeese Market of Freeport has reported today that their Cheese store, located next to Aldi, was robbed on Saturday night. The Cheese Market says they are missing not only multiple deposits as well as their earnings from the last three days, but all the money from registers, paperwork and receipts for the last month are missing as well.

“… some selfish person with zero conscience decided to take all of our hard-earned income and make it their own”, the Cheese Market said in a release earlier today.

The Cheese Market says it will take a while to make up the financial loss and owners say they are planning to keep normal hours but say that “things will be a bit rough”.

They are asking the public to keep their eyes and ears open and say that if anyone has information, please call the Freeport Police Department.

As a side note, when the Freeport Police DO catch this person(s), part of their punishment should be “no cheese”.  Jail time and no cheese (or they have to eat Limburger).



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